SeaNet and turnkey yachting

Hey we love Born Rich, so we guess you can say great minds think alike after reading their latest blog post on SeaNet, which was slathered with glowing praise.

As Haute Living covered in its most recent issue of Haute Living Florida, SeaNet is out to eliminate all of the hassles that come with the title of yacht ownership.

By allowing SeaNet customers to possess shares of a LLC whose only asset is a Sunseeker Yacht, SeaNet eliminates the hassles of owning a boat, while also providing an excellent crew and consierge. The result is that “When you show up, the boat’s ready to go,” according to Michael Costa, the company’s president, who founded SeaNet four years ago.

This truly VIP experience features yachts located in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Diego, and Miami, so, no matter where you might be, a true turnkey yachting experience is literally minutes away.

According to Born Rich, the prices range from $278,500 to $1.9 million, depending on yacht size and percentage share (SeaNet allows 1/6. ¼, 1/3, and ½ interests.)

Via Born Rich