Koenigsegg CCX-R goes vroom vroom for $2.34 million


What to do for the wealthy who consider a Ferrari to be too mundane?

For starters, they might want to get on the phone with Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg, which has just unveiled its $2,342,580.46 CCX-R special edition sports car.

With more than $2 million worth of mean, this car has the look that makes a Lamborghini whimper in fright, with beautifully contrasting ebony and red throughout the exterior and interior.

But it’s what’s under the hood that makes the CCX-R so unique: an engine that can run on eco-friendly biodiesel fuel, and STILL go from 0-60 in about three seconds, thanks to a 1018-horsepower, 4.7-liter biofuel V8 engine. (That’s a fancy way of saying “really fast.”)

And three seconds is about all you’ll need to enjoy this sleek automobile, but if you hang on just a few seconds longer – provided, of course, that you are willing – you’ll reach top speeds of over 250 miles per hour.

Now that’s what we call fast living.

Via Born Rich