Peter Beard’s Montauk Property

Here’s more proof that the Hamptons real estate market is off the charts!!!

Peter Beard, the Africa-lover, chronicler/wealthy-photographer, has put his Montauk property on the market for $26 million!

Nowadays here’s what $26 big ones will get you for the property on Old Montauk Rd.: a 6-acre oceanfront property with five cottages, only one of the cottages offers superb unobstructed views of the ocean.

Please note that the property does NOT offer the usual Hamptons commodities such as the tennis court, lavish swimming pool, nor the comfort of an air conditioner.

On the other hand, the property allows for tremendous development opportunities as it’s comprised of three separate lots, where any wise developer will add three typical Hamptons cottages with all of the expected commodities and therein increase the property’s value even more!

Via The Real Estalker