Parking May Cost as Much as Your Car

Manhattan’s Upper East Side’s real estate market is not the only property breaking records in price. Today there are parking spots in the city that go for as much as $225,000! Yes, that’s right, you’ve counted 3 zeros after 225…and the best is that it may even increase! And you’re also right if you’re realizing that it costs as much as some cars, condos and even houses! Tom Postilio, a Manhattan real estate agent, confirmed that there is even a waiting list of about eight people anticipating to get the spots. The price tag of $225,000 came to light based on the fact that the parking spaces are private spaces that will be on the basement of a 34-unit condo building located on 246 West 17th Street, a building and parking spaces that will be completed in January. Based on the law of supply and demand, explains Postilio, the owner is seeking to add more parking spaces that might cost even more than the current price! Via CNN Money