Chow Down

By Taylor Heath

Asian cuisine has infiltrated our daily world, with chopsticks replacing traditional western-style utensils at many elegant dining destinations. Despite the plethora of Asian offerings, anyone will find it difficult to talk about high-end Chinese cuisine without bringing the name ‘Mr. Chow’ into the conversation. Not only has Mr. Chow made us realize that, yes, there is Chinese food beyond what you get at your local take out place, but more importantly that the Chinese food experience can be lavish, trendy, and downright upscale. He has accomplished this through his six restaurants, all aptly named ‘Mr. Chow’, located in Miami, London, Beverly Hills, and New York. In fact, it was the success from his New York Midtown location that inspired him to open Mr. Chow Tribeca (121 Hudson St.).

Staying with tradition, Mr. Chow Tribeca offers up his signature cuisine that is Beijing-based coupled with Shanghai nuances. The Beijing base builds upon the cuisine that evolved from the Emperors fine palates, keeping the dishes sophisticated and light, while the Shanghai influence represents more of the bold flavors from China, resulting in a combination that is not only elegant, but also exciting

This exquisite combination of flavors lends its way to appetizers such as the sesame rice-paper wrapped prawns, which are accompanied by an incredible red chili dipping sauce that share as much sweetness as it does spice. When the entrées are delivered, diners once again realize that the Beijing/Shanghai marriage is one that should last forever. The ‘Fiery Buffalo’ dish is created when naturally lean buffalo cubes are stir-fried in a special XO sauce with oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, and red bird chilies. The result is kobe-like tenderness in a delicately sweet glaze that is followed by an equally surprising kick of heat as the meat leaves your tongue.

Mr. Chow is delivering a unique blend of flavors to your palate, sure to please even the most adept chopstick users.