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Top Five 4-5 Star Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago is known for its food, and not just hot dogs and deep-dish pizza. The city has some amazing four and five star restaurants that rank among the best in the world. This list was initially meant to be all five star restaurants, but some places transcend a star rating.

1723 North Halsted Chicago, IL 60614 312-867-0110


Have you ever had a four-hour, 25 course meal? No. Well, that’s exactly what’s being done at Alinea in Chicago. The courses at Alinea are small but meticulously created using the most modern culinary techniques. Alinea represents the growing trend of molecular gastronomy. It’s basically the science of cooking things and making use of the physical and chemical transformations of the ingredients that occurs while cooking.
2300 North Lincoln Park West Chicago, IL 60614 773-868-0002


The amazing food that L2O makes is the reason this upscale restaurant has two Michelin stars. L2O is now on its third chef, Matthew Kirkley, and he uses new and traditional cooking methods to create the best seafood dishes he can possibly make. Kirkley was promoted from within the L2O kitchen so he’s not new to the restaurant and he has been at the helm for the last year. He welcomed the two stars in the Michelin Guide so he could build his own menu and earn the coveted three stars down the road.
676 North St. Clair Street Chicago, IL 60611 312-202-0001


Any restaurant is part of the “LETTUCE ENTERTAIN YOU” family, you have to give it a try. Tru has received numerous awards for not only their food, but their service as well. Chef/Partner Anthony Martin’s progressive French cuisine that is made from the best ingredients he can find can be paired with wine from Tru’s award-winning wine list to create the perfect meal.
980 North Michigan Avenue (2nd Floor) Chicago, IL 60611 312-280-2750


From the mind of Chef/Partner Tony Montuano, the Italian cuisine at this fine dining establishment is some of the best in the city. The chefs at Spiaggia use the finest ingredients around to create world-class dishes. The owner got the idea from the restaurant from watching Italian families on the beach enjoying seaside restaurants and cafes. He was so inspired that he named the restaurant the Italian word for beach. The love of Italian food is evident in every expertly prepared plate. It’s not cheap at all, but it’s worth every penny. This is luxury for your taste buds.
440 South Lasalle Street Chicago, IL 60605 312-663-8920


Located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, Everest is one of the world’s premiere dining rooms. With Chef J. Joho’s world-class cuisine and an award winning wine list, you are swimming in dining luxury. A couple can enjoy a breathtaking view while enjoying each other’s company while having the opportunity to eat a dish featured on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate.” Yeah, Everest is that good.
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