Lick Your Lollipop: The Top 5 Candy Shops in San Francisco

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Whether you are trying to purchase a special treat for your Valentine or track down a unique candy from your childhood, there is a variety of amazing candy shops in San Francisco. From gummies to chocolates, to taffy and toffee, here are some of the best candy stores in the Bay Area to satisfy your sweet tooth.

1 Z. Cioccolato

You can’t walk by this family-owned North Beach candy shop without noticing the barrels upon barrels of treats. Besides their 65 flavors of saltwater taffy, they are known for their homemade fudge. Their best selling flavor is the “Black Panther”, created with layers of Milk and Dark Chocolate fudge, sea salt caramel, and fresh peanut butter.  Z. Cioccolato also makes their own chocolates and truffles, in addition to their assortment of over 300 kinds of candy in their store.  The best part of this shop is that they encourage their customers to sample their taffy and fudge selection.

474 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, 415.395.9116,

2 The Candy Store

The Candy Store, located in Russian Hill, is San Francisco's premier candy boutique. They carry everything from hard to find nostalgic items from your childhood to new artisan confectioner creations. Their precious store is stocked with old fashioned candy jars filled with a variety of sweets, sours, gummies, gumballs, licorice and chocolates, that are guaranteed to hold a special treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. For special occasions, The Candy Store offers an assortment of customizable gifts and favors. Whether you want informal and fun or elegant and sophisticated, they will work with you to create party favors that you and your guests will love.

1507 Vallejo St, San Francisco, 415.921.8000,

3 Powell's Sweet Shoppes

Powell's Sweet Shoppes is a veritable smorgasbord of candy. They have everything from packaged candies to fresh gelato and delectable chocolate treats. Their motto is “Remember Yesterday. Today.” which is easy to do in this modern take on an old-fashioned candy shop. They have such a variety of products that if you can’t find it at Powell’s, it probably doesn’t exist. In addition, you will have fun browsing their store’s collection of candy inspired games and toys while watching “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” playing in their theater section.

1166 Howard Ave, Burlingame, 650.344.4478

3206 College Ave, Berkeley, 510.658.9866

4 Fiona’ Sweetshoppe

Fiona’ Sweetshoppe is your place to go for UK and European Candies. Fiona opened her shop in 2007 and after missing all the candies of her childhood, decided to import them into her shop. They specialize in all natural hard candies, a few of their top sellers being sherbert lemons, rhubarb and custard and buttermints. Fiona’ Sweet Shoppe is popular for their hard-to-find British gummies and Dutch licorice. They have begun selling their own line of candies at William-Sonoma and have plans to begin making their own English toffee.

214 Sutter St, San Francisco, 415 399-9992,

5 Sweetdish

This sweet Marina candy store stocks a variety of bulk candy, old-time favorites, sugar-free candies and chocolates, as well as European imports and local artisanal delicacies. In addition they also serve the delicious San Francisco favorite, Mitchell’s Ice Cream. For those looking for a little party inspiration, Sweetdish can help you assemble customized treats or even organize a special candy bar or buffet for private or corporate events.

2144 Chestnut St, San Francisco, 415.563.2144,

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