A Little Romance: The Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Boston

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Romance is truly subjective. After all, one person’s romance can be another person’s irritation. Some swoon over a tableside violin serenade while others may consider it nothing more than a mealtime interruption.  But whether you like fireside cozy, well lit elegance or red-bathed seduction, there is no shortage of romantic restaurants in Boston.  So please pardon any unintentional omissions of your personal favorites as we present our take on the top 5 romantic restaurants in and around Boston. Now to find the proper companion to lavish all this romance upon…

1 Dali Restaurant and Tapas Bar

What better way to get the romance churning than indulging in rich and savory dishes together at this ornately decorated tapas conclave? Nearly every table makes for an intimate encounter and feeding one another each new succulent delight placed on the table is nearly impossible to resist. Throw in some intoxicatingly tasty sangria and romance is almost guaranteed.

Dali Restaurant and Tapas Bar is located at 415 Washington St., Somerville 617.661.3254

2 Menton

For pure indulgence, there may be no better spot in town than Menton. Barbara Lynch's answer to the lack of truly hi end luxury dining in Boston, Menton features a four course prix fixe menu and a more elaborate seven course chef's tasting menu nightly with an optional wine pairing.  Let the experts at Menton take the wheel when it comes to selecting the perfect dinner options, so you can spend less time staring at a menu and more time gazing into your dinner partners eyes, keeping the romance flowing throughout the exquisite culinary experience.

Menton is located at 354 Congress St., Fort Point, Boston 617.737.0099

3 Gaslight, Brasserie du Coin

All the quaintness of a Parisian brassiere without any of the jet lag. With intimate lamp lit booths, sit together on one side of the table for cozy cuddling and escargot sharing. While Gaslight is always bustling, it is still easy to let the world slip away as you get lost in the haze of romance that surrounds you and your dinner companion. The old world charm may play on your imagination from a favorite black and white film or tale from the post WWII authors who dotted the Parisian landscape. We say, run with it.

Gaslight, Brassiere du Coin is located at 560 Harrison Ave., South End, Boston 617.422.0224

4 The Hungry I

The self-proclaimed most romantic restaurant in Boston, The Hungry I may have a point.  This cozy subterranean haven set steps below Beacon Hill's quaint Charles Street, features multiple fireplaces, minimal seating, and attentive (yet non-intrusive) service.  Everything needed for a romantic night. Many a marriage proposal have occurred here and with so blissful a setting, it must make it hard for anyone to say no.

The Hungry I is located at  71 1/2 Charles St., Beacon Hill, Boston 617.227.3524

5 Tangierino

This Moroccan hideaway in Charlestown feels like an oasis of sultry possibilities the moment you step foot inside.  And even if the hookahs of the adjoining Koullshi Lounge are not your type of post dinner activity, the robust dinner menu is sure to fulfill at least some of your evening appetites. The red bathed walls, dripping with silk and highlighted with accents of amber gold are sure to set the scene for the appetites of the flesh.  Just do your best to try to contain yourself during dinner.

Tangierino is located at 83 Main St., Charlestown 617.242.6009

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