Pure Plastic Surgery is a Miami based plastic surgery practice that was launched in 2018 by acclaimed surgeons Dr. S. Alexander Earle. Dr.  Earle is an Ivy League-educated, double board certified plastic surgeon with vast experience in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

No two patients are alike and Dr. S. Alexander Earle uses in-depth knowledge of the patient’s individual proportions and combine that knowledge with a thorough understanding of each patient’s desired outcome. The ultimate goal is to create a beautiful and long-lasting result that fits the individual in a naturally balanced and visually stunning way. They call this Smart Aesthetics ™.

Delivering great results isn’t enough for Dr. S. Alexander Earle. He wants every patient to have the finest experience every step of the way. He believe it is this kind of experience that allows every patient to be happy and feel their best.


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Articles by Dr. Dr. Earle Alexander

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Dr. S. Alexander Earle and Dr. Alex Zuriarrain explain the Mommy Makeover procedure and how it helps restore your pre-baby body.

Two Procedure Options For Amazing Arms
By Dr. S. Alexander Earle

The upper arms can be affected by the natural aging process, as well as significant weight fluctuations. Dr. S. Alex Earle of Miami’s Pure Plastic Surgery explains two options for restoring a more youthful, toned appearance—and the ideal patients for both. Loose, sagging skin on the upper arms is a common concern for both women and…

Which breast procedure is right for you?
By Dr. S. Alexander Earle

Women undergo breast enhancement procedures for a variety of reasons, including dissatisfaction with the natural size or shape of their breasts and changes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and the natural aging process. Dr. S. Alex Earle of Pure Plastic Surgery in Miami explains the options and the breast concerns they are designed to address. According to…