How Ultrasound Technology Is Changing The BBL Industry

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Pure Plastic Surgery is a Miami based plastic surgery practice that was launched in 2018 by acclaimed surgeon Dr. S. Alexander Earle. Dr.  Earle is an Ivy League-educated, double board-certified plastic surgeon with vast experience in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Haute Beauty chats with Dr. Earle about how he is now implementing ultrasound technology into his BBL procedures.

HB: What is an Ultrasound-Assisted BBL?   

Gluteal fat grafting- commonly referred to as “The Brazilian Butt Lifts”- is an increasingly common plastic surgery procedure all around the world. However, complication rates, including mortality, have been reported. Because I pride myself on safety first I needed to find a safer way to perform this procedure. Months of research brought me to Ultrasound-assisted BBLs.  

 The procedure entails using a wireless ultrasound probe placed on the buttocks in order to identify the tissue layers; where as the blunted cannula is introduced to the scanned area at the same time. As the fat injection is started, the ultrasound images are projected wirelessly to a screen, so that I could follow the planes in which the cannula is being introduced. technology indeed provides a precise objective method to avoid injuring the deep buttock vessels, and further decreasing the risks of major complications regarding the BBL surgery.

HB: How do Ultrasounds assist in surgery?

Real-Time Ultrasound-Assisted gluteal fat grafting provides a precise method to monitor the cannula level and keep the injection site in a safe plane over the muscle. Essentially, Ultrasound turns a once blind procedure into a non-blind procedure which greatly reduces risk. Enough reason for me to study and implement this technology.

HB: Why do you prefer this method?

This method reduces risk because I can now see the cannula as I inject into the safe zone.  This method was easily implemented, very small handheld wireless scanner. When you're in the OR space, efficiency is very important.  I also spent time training on this machine prior to implementation which showed me the importance this machine can have on the BBL industry. 

HB: Does ultrasound-assisted technology affect recovery time?

No, it does not affect recovery time at all.

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