The Haute Side Of Luck: Medical Professionals Reveal Their Secret Charms

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In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, Haute Beauty reached out to our network of experts to discover their personal good-luck charms. While we often associate good luck charms with more traditional items like a lucky coin or pair of lucky socks, it turns out that even beauty and medical experts have their own unique items that they rely on to bring success in their field. From lucky crystals to a special pair of scrubs, these are the items that our Haute Beauty & MD experts use to enhance their skills and achieve their goals in the industry. Here we'll explore the fascinating world of good luck charms in the beauty and medical fields and how they impact the work of these talented experts.

Dr. Sam Rizk | Face | Manhattan, NY

I wish I had lucky scrubs! Honestly, I feel lucky to have clients who are so consistently satisfied with the results of their procedures, especially the deep plane facelift. There is a stigma surrounding this surgery, and for good reason—the recovery can be brutal, and it’s also very difficult for surgeons to achieve a natural result. However, I’ve spent my career developing a precise technique that boasts both a rapid recovery and an incredibly natural outcome. As a result, I’ve established a global patient base of men and women who feel healthier, happier, and more confident—and for that, I feel incredibly lucky.

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Dr. Kiran Mian, Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery | Skin | New York

My good luck charm is a turquoise ring that I've cherished for over a decade. Despite my reputation for losing jewelry, I have managed to hold on to this ring without even trying. Although it is not expensive and lacks material value, I receive countless compliments on it, making it even more special to me. It's a reminder that meaningful and valuable things don't have to come with a hefty price tag. (Even skincare products can bring joy ;)) Every time I wear it, I am reminded of the challenges I've overcome to get to where I am today. For more than ten years, this ring has been a constant source of comfort, confidence, and good luck in my life.

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Dr. Vineet Sandhu | Concierge Medicine | New York

I have a mantra that was given to me by a guru. It is said that it cannot be disclosed to anyone including friends and family. That creates a sense of individuality at the same time as doing something spiritual. I use it in times of stress, long hours, hectic schedules, grief, and sadness. This mantra helps ground me in a world now lacking privacy and information spreading at the speed of light. It helps me get through the day at times. I’ve heard this is a similar practice in transcendental meditation and realized that it works even for a man of science. It’s not a cure but it’s a mechanism for progress in my opinion.

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Dr. Brian K. Machida | Face | Los Angeles

My good luck charm is not actually a source of good luck, but rather a reminder of the blessings that surround me each day. It's the cross I wear on top of my scrubs every day. While I understand that it's just a piece of gold and doesn't inherently bring good luck, it holds a special significance to me. It serves as a constant reminder of the positivity and good energy that I strive to bring to my work as a medical professional.

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Dr. Jeffrey Lisiecki | Nose | New York

While I don't have a specific good luck charm, there are a couple of things that I always do to set the right tone for a successful operation. Firstly, I visualize myself performing the surgery before actually entering the operating room. This helps me mentally prepare and keeps the ultimate aesthetic goal in mind. Secondly, I believe that the music playing in the operating room plays a crucial role in setting the mood and energy for the procedure. While I don't have a particular song or artist in mind, the music needs to match the type of operation I am performing. For example, it wouldn't feel appropriate to perform a finesse procedure like a facelift or rhinoplasty with loud hip-hop music in the background, and similarly, I wouldn't want to do a major body contouring case with soothing classical or jazz music playing. It's all about finding the right balance and energy to create the best possible outcome for my patients.

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Dr. Daniel Carega, Careaga Plastic Surgery | Body | Miami, FL

I don’t really believe in good luck charms, but, if I did have one, it would be my American Board of Plastic Surgery Certificate. I am confident about my work and rely on my 11 years of training and 13 years of experience in private practice to deliver optimal results. Surgery is not something I leave in the hands of luck, but rather, the confidence in my ability to deliver the best outcome for each of my patient’s individual needs based on my knowledge and expertise.

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Dr. Daisy Ayim | Body | Houston

My good luck charm is a portrait of my grandmother and me that I keep in my office, and I find myself gazing at it every single day. This picture holds a lot of significance for me as it represents my journey and the hardships I had to endure to achieve a comfortable life. It serves as a reminder of the unwavering love and support that my grandmother showed me throughout my life, even when she may not have fully understood the challenges I was facing. Her presence was instrumental in guiding me through pivotal moments in both my personal and professional life. Whenever I am in need of inspiration or guidance, I turn to this portrait for a sense of comfort and assurance that I am on the right path toward a brighter outcome.

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Dr. S. Alexander Earle | Body | Miami, FL

While we were dating, my wife, Mikele bought a necklace at an artisan market while she was visiting her home in Uruguay. She gave it to me as a gift and an expression of her love for me. The necklace carries the symbol for my sun sign, Aquarius on a medallion and since the first time she placed it around my neck 20 years ago, I’ve never taken it off. I was always fond of wearing necklaces, something that was popular in my younger years growing up in Puerto Rico, and this gift meant the world to me.

The necklace became my symbol, and it’s so significant that most days I don’t even notice it around my neck. What I have noticed is how amazing my life has been since Mikele – and the necklace – have been with me each day. I am not sure if it is a “good luck charm”, but it is definitely a reminder that the many years in medical school and the long hours we work to take care of PURE staff and patients are all for a greater purpose – to ensure a bright future for our family. Our goal is for our children to experience how we are able to work together, in and outside of our home, and build a legacy we are proud to share with them.

I’m not very versed in astrology, but I’d like to believe that I encompass the positive traits of an Aquarius, such as thinking outside of the box and being a visionary who works to improve the lives of those around me. I care about my patients and work continuously to improve the safety of plastic surgery and the overall patient experience through PURE and as the president of the World Association of Gluteal Surgeons (WAGS). That’s why we started using ultrasound technology for the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure (BBL) before it was mandated by the state of Florida and also the reason that we make time to learn about revolutionary products like Morpheus8 and create signature procedures, such as the South Beach BBL (SoBeBL) that enhance our plastic surgery practice.

While my wife gave me this charm as a token of her love, I wear it each day because it exemplifies my love for her and the beautiful life we continue to build together.

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