Three Ways To Maintain A Positive Attitude When Having Surgery

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There is scientific evidence that a positive attitude can influence most aspects of our lives, and surgery is no different. Preparing for surgery is a big undertaking, from choosing the right surgeon to making the economic investment to taking time off work and other activities. Not to mention that when the body undergoes surgery, it is put through lots of stress and trauma, which requires discipline to overcome. Plastic surgery affects all facets of one's life and can lead to a rollercoaster of emotions before and after the process.

For most, the results of plastic surgery are amazing, not only physically but also emotionally. After a patient's desired goals are achieved, patients are said to experience higher levels of confidence, life satisfaction and joy. In Haute Beauty expert, Dr. S. Alexander Earle's experience, the patients that report feeling this way after surgery had a more positive attitude going into surgery and during recovery. In other words, positive thinking absolutely helps the healing process and improves the end results. That said, here are three ways you can maintain a positive attitude.

1. Own your journey

It is easy to compare your surgery journey to others. Whether you are focusing on someone else's results or timetable, this prevents you from being present in your own experience. The bottom line is that no two surgeries are the same.

As you know, surgery is a personal decision. Each person's body, results, and recovery time are unique. If you are feeling down about your surgery choice, we recommend finding someone to talk to about your emotions or journaling your thoughts. Allow your body the time it needs to heal. When you are able to separate your results and experience from what you see others go through, you will be happier with your results!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

2. Remember your why

There is a reason you opted for either plastic or cosmetic surgery. Maybe it was to have a more youthful appearance, improve your confidence or look better in your favorite dress. Whatever the reason, find a passage, quote, or an item that reminds you of your goal and place it where you can see it each day. There are times during the process and recovery when you might regret the procedure because there’s so much to plan, you are in pain, or you feel anxious about the recovery time and are itching to get back to your everyday life.

Imagining all of the positive achievements you are looking forward to and how you want to feel after you recovered can help create positive feelings in the present moment. When you create a reminder as to why you are on this journey, you'll be able to maintain a positive attitude through the inevitable ups and downs.

3. Focus on the things you can change

The hotel lost your reservation, you ordered the wrong faja, or maybe your body will require another BBL round to achieve your desired results. There are risks to every surgery and sh*t happens. Sometimes everything required for surgery doesn’t go the way you planned, and we may need to pivot.

Understanding that you can only focus on the things you control and not dwell on the things you can’t, will allow you to better problem-solve, recover, heal, and enjoy the new you!

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