How This Miami-Based Plastic Surgeon Is Taking Strides To Improve Postoperative Recovery

Pure Plastic Surgery is a Miami based plastic surgery practice that was launched in 2018 by acclaimed surgeons Dr. S. Alexander Earle. Dr. Earle is an Ivy League-educated, double board-certified plastic surgeon with vast experience in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. No two patients are alike and Dr. S. Alexander Earle uses in-depth knowledge of the patient’s individual proportions and combine that knowledge with a thorough understanding of each patient’s desired outcome. The ultimate goal is to create a beautiful and long-lasting result that fits the individual in a naturally balanced and visually stunning way. They call this Smart Aesthetics ™. Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Earle to learn more about how he is using Cell Saver to improve the recovery process. 

Dr. S. Alexander EarlePhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Pure Plastic Surgery

HB: What is Cell Saver?

Cell Saver. I Introduced Cell Saver to Pure Plastic Surgery a year ago to improve safety for patients intra and postoperatively. Patient Safety is always top priority and cell saver definitely improves patient safety. Blood is always lost during surgery, Cell Saver is a way of collecting a patient's own blood lost during or after surgery. The blood is filtered and infused back to the same patient.

HB: What kind of issues does Cell Saver work to address?

Postoperatively patients will experience weakness because of the blood loss that occurs during surgery. During this period it is critical to allow your body time to recover and replenish your hemoglobin (red Blood Cells).

Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen to your body's organs and tissues and transports carbon dioxide from your organs and tissues back to your lungs.
If a hemoglobin test reveals that your hemoglobin level is lower than normal, it means you have a low red blood cell count (anemia). Understanding this, you can see why it can be very important to utilize cell saver.

HB: Walk us through the Cell Saver process.

we suction blood lost during surgery, which usually gets thrown away. With Cell Saver, the blood is collected into a reserve and medications called anticoagulants are added to the blood to stop it from clumping/ clotting together. Next, the blood goes through a rigorous filtration process to remove any particles. Then the blood undergoes a centrifuge process to separate the red cells (which carry oxygen) from other parts of the blood; where then the Red Blood Cells are transferred back into the patient.

HB: Who is a good candidate?

In order to be cleared for surgery with us, we require your hemoglobin levels to be above 12. We always educate our patients on the benefits of cell saver and give the option to add it to your surgery. For patients who come to us with hemoglobin levels between 11-11.9, we make it mandatory to have cell saver, and if you are below 11 we will not clear you for surgery. We do this all for the safety of the patient.

post operative recovery cell saverPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

HB: What is recovery like?

Patients who receive Cell Saver experience a much more comfortable recovery. they will have healthier blood cells that are better able to carry oxygen when it's most needed. Patients usually feel more active and stronger

HB: What is the cost?

The cost to add cell saver is around $600 which is minimal when it comes to your health and safety. Anyone can call my office or send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram for questions regarding plastic surgery. I do my best to stay available to my patients

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