Vivo Domi Concierge: The Masterminds Behind NY’s Celebrity Pied-À-Terre Empire

In the glitzy and glamorous world of New York’s ultra-rich, two names stand out as the go-to experts in curating the ultimate luxury living experience: Robert Knighton and Eli Aizen, founders of Vivo Domi Concierge. With their remarkable background in design, and hospitality and a keen eye for detail, Robert and Eli have built an empire that caters to the needs of celebrities and billionaires alike, providing them with trust and peace of mind for their part-time homes and personal needs in the Big Apple.

Robert’s journey to success began as a fashion designer, where he honed and refined aesthetics and developed a deep understanding of luxury. Eli’s journey began in 2007 when he began providing solutions to a group of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

In 2010, Robert made a strategic pivot to interior design, combining his two passions—design and project management—into a thriving career. Eli and Robert became partners in life and then formed Vivo Domi Concierge in 2015 also becoming partners in business. Robert’s transition proved to be a game-changer, as his expertise in construction management, property maintenance, and personnel supervision combined with Eli’s knowledge of serving the ultra-wealthy allowed them to create bespoke living experiences for their discerning clients.

But as minority gay men in the predominantly hetero world of ultra-luxury, Robert and Eli faced unique challenges. They navigated these hurdles with grace, maintaining authenticity in their work and personal life. This ability to stay true to themself resonated with clients, particularly those of color or complicated backgrounds who immigrated to this country and made their way like Eli, and who built their fortunes in sports and entertainment. The trust between these two and their clients is a testament to their character and the quality of their work.

When it comes to lessons from Robert and Eli’s journey, one stands out: It’s not about what you get or give, but rather who you become. They demonstrated the importance of longevity and adapting to changing market needs by focusing on quality over quantity and results over cost. This philosophy was instrumental in making Vivo Domi Concierge the number one domestic concierge company for part-time celebrity homeowners in New York.

As the masterminds behind Vivo Domi Concierge, Robert and Eli orchestrate the ultimate ultra-wealthy experience for their clients’ pied-à-terre and personal needs in the city that never sleeps. From organizing their closets to managing their entire households, Robert and Eli’s team ensure that each client’s home is packed to perfection and unpacked seamlessly, making it feel as though everything has always been exactly where it belongs.

Their success can be attributed to their commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation. They managed to create a unique niche in a highly-competitive industry, and their work speaks for itself. The seamless transitions in their projects, combined with their keen eye for detail earned them a well-deserved reputation for providing unparalleled luxury experiences.

In a city where dreams come true, Robert and Eli are the maestro’s behind the curtain, orchestrating unforgettable experiences for New York’s elite. Their story is an inspiring reminder that with perseverance, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to quality, anything is possible. The Vivo Domi Concierge empire is a shining example of what can be achieved when vision, hard work, and an impeccable sense of style come together.

Robert and Eli’s Vivo Domi Concierge is more than just a luxury service provider—it’s a symbol of trust, peace of mind, and the ultimate New York pied-à-terre experience for the world’s most discerning clients.

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Written in partnership with S99