Fine Art, The Latest Loot For JR Bissell

What more could anyone ask for beyond pirate treasure, dinosaur fossils, Egyptian artifacts, and meteorites…. Oh yeah, and throw in some high-end art as well!

JR Bissell’s journey in the world of rarities for the past couple of years and he never ceases to keep people’s attention. Pieces such as an Atocha shipwreck gold bar, triceratops, the Queen’s Cross, baby t-rex, the largest Pallasite Meteorite, and many more of the world’s most precious treasures. Every time the public thinks, “There is no way he could find anything cooler than this,” he always seems to find something even more impressive around the corner.

This might be the beginning of the longest chapter in his journey yet – Fine Art. JR Bissell has expressed a desire to get into the art world for some years now, and it seems his day has finally come.

Last week, JR Bissell listed a few six-figure paintings (including a Miquel Barceló) and he assured that there are many more to come. “I actually have access to tens of millions of dollars in some of the most notable artists in the world now, including one piece for almost $20 million, however; I can only offer them privately…” He emphasized that it’s one thing to have access to a piece, but it’s a far greater privilege to have the listing for sale to the world.

His first is a Miquel Barceló, a highly desired artist that fetches 7 figures in Christie’s for many of his works. Teaming up with Bartrina Art (Spain) has created quite the duo if his past ventures are any indicator. Within roughly 2 years of being in the dinosaur fossil segment, Bissell listed the only baby t-rex in the world and made major news stories. This very well may mark the birth of something special as well. Bartrina Art knows JR Bissell will be the perfect person to take their business to the next level, and Bissell is equally confident this collaboration will do the same for him.

Bartrina Art has 37 years of experience in the art market, working with artists such as Miro, Dali, Picasso, Valdés, Banksy, Warhol, Barceló, and more. All pieces have certification and publication, as they are pieces for collectors and investors.

Written in partnership with Tedfuel