Evan Walker Shakes The World Of E-Commerce With The Fastest Growing, Sustainable, E-Commerce Company

Evan Walker‘s story as an entrepreneur is an inspiring one, but it’s not a typical one. It’s not about how he got where he is today. It’s about what he did to get there and how you can do it. Evan is the founder of Route and has led one of the world’s fastest-growing post-purchase platforms, which is reimagining the e-commerce experience from product discovery to delivery and making the whole journey carbon-neutral. Under Evan’s leadership, Route has revolutionized how we track and receive updates on our deliveries, providing consumers with unprecedented visibility and assurance of their online purchases. In addition to tracking, another area of Route’s success is their sustainability initiatives. Less than a year ago, Route launched the Green Package Protection offering, and already (in less than a year), they announced removing over 30,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, planted 50,000+ trees, and had over 8.2 million consumers support these initiatives.

Evan’s story of how he developed Route began in Florence, Italy when he was trying to purchase an antique and ship it to Los Angeles. However, the merchant refused to ship rare items overseas because of the risk of loss or damage, which was when Evan had a lightbulb moment and went on to create an e-commerce platform where consumers had visibility and assurance of delivery when they ordered products, as well as sustainable shipping options.

Route was created to help people discover and enjoy brands from around the world via an entirely reimagined digital marketplace that directly connects and empowers both consumers and brands. The company’s platform can only be described as unique. Why? Because it employs an all-inclusive approach when it comes to online shopping.

To enhance their post-purchase experience, all users need to do is download the Route app on the App Store or Play Store, giving them access to all the necessary tools. Since its launch in 2018, Route has since built a network of over 15,000 merchants and millions of app users, with branches in Los Angeles, CA, and Lehi, UT as well as New York and Miami.

Route has grown rapidly and, over the last two years, has built a team of over 400 employees while being recognized as one of the best places to work. Its remarkable growth and success have not gone unnoticed, with the company being recognized as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in history and earning a spot on the Fastest-Growing 50 Startups list. Additionally, in 2021, Evan’s impressive leadership was recognized when he was named Utah’s CEO of the year.

As a seasoned entrepreneur who launched his first company as a teenager, Evan is uniquely positioned in the industry with his extensive experience. He is unafraid to speak his mind about an industry he believes has been stagnant for over two decades and is in dire need of innovation. This bold and provocative nature has quickly captured the industry’s attention, setting him and Route apart from others in the field.

Evan has achieved numerous successes throughout his entrepreneurial journey. He launched his first company at the age of 14 and became a millionaire at 18, acquiring 2,000 clients in the first year of starting his business. According to Evan, the key to building a successful company is hiring the best talent you can find and persuading them to join your mission. He emphasizes the importance of making sure your team shares your vision.

Evan aspires to continue creating innovative services and products that will revolutionize online shopping. He also plans to explore new brands and products worldwide. As Route is already a well-respected platform, Evan aims to make a difference in the lives of small business owners, purpose-driven brands, and young creators.

Written in partnership with Ernest Sturm