Top Celebrity Hairstyles For 2022

Like there’s a season for every kind of clothing, there’s a specific amount of time for carrying a single hairstyle. Usually, around the end of the year, people consider a hairstyle change to welcome the new year with preparedness.

When you think about new hairstyles, your attention averts to the present trends. And who can carry out trending entities like celebrities? Most people’s hair inspirations come from their idols.

Coming back to the present time, if you’ve got a new hairstyle as your 2022 new year’s resolution, then here are some stunning hairstyles with exciting accessories like ponytail hair extensions for you to try.

Cutting It Short In 2022

Many celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, etc., are keeping their hair in short wavy bob cuts, layered razor cuts with some bangs for the upcoming year. Short hairstyles always look stunning on any formal or informal dress. Not to mention, they’re effortless to style, wash and manage.

You can also add colour to your hair, like apricot blonde or some blue-grey striking. Short hairstyles look even more impressive with different colour contrast. They’re a natural aesthetic. You can pick out colours of preference or use your stunning natural hair colour to carry a nicely finished bob cut with loose bangs and a pair of complimenting extensions.

Layered Wolf-Cut, Modern Shag, Mullet-Cut

If you spend more time on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube, you’d know that a wolf-cut was the most significant hairstyle trend for late 2021. And from the looks of it, it seems that people will be carrying this cut for 2022.

That’s because a layered wolf-cut is extremely easy to DIY. Almost every influencer online has done it by now. Wolf-cut can also be found on celebrities these days. If you choose a wolf-cut, you should add contrasting highlights in your hair to boost the visuals. Although wolf-cut is equally stunning in a single colour tone, pairing it up with a combination is just more classic.

A modern shag or a mullet is also pretty similar to a wolf-cut. Modern shag is more messy and consistent from head to neck. A mullet is just very thick layers and less hair; it resembles a layered bob cut.

In any case, you can style all of these hairstyles very similarly. If you’re looking for celebrity inspiration, then one of the leading singers of this generation, Bille Eilish, carries her hair in a modern shag in 2021.

Longer Thin Layers

If you prefer longer hair, many celebrities support longer hairstyles that appear in a layered fashion. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston wear face-framing haircuts with bright highlights to complement their skin tones.

You can also try thin layers on long hair because they’re tough to distinguish.

Thin layers on long hair look better in a single tone of hair because it’s more decent. Especially if you’re a businesswoman and wear loose hair for longer hours, it can also come up nicely in a bun.

Written in partnership with Globex outreach