How Sarah P Antonella Is Helping Clients Level Up Their Lives And Businesses

In everything that we do, the end goal is to be successful. However, due to various reasons, not all situations work in our favor, and we fail to achieve our goals. Sarah P Antonella is a celebrated author and millennial CEO who is helping clients elevate their lives and businesses to attain their dreams.

She is the CEO of a global agency, a top entrepreneur, and a business strategist widely known for her positive, high-energy personality, integrity, and business savvy. Sarah is also a best-selling author of the book “Level Up.”

According to Sarah P Antonella, her previous experiences inspired and motivated her to write the book and started her journey to help people level up their lives. She wanted to show people that nothing is impossible and no situation is permanent.

Growing up, Sarah had a hard time finding her roots. She notes being half Caucasian and half Asian; she had trouble finding where she fully belonged. Childhood bullying made it more challenging as she was struggling to connect with her peers.

She says the extreme bullying drove her to a point where she started to believe that there weren’t many good people left in the world. These experiences caused Sarah to have low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.

As she grew older, she started reflecting on her life, and eventually changed her perspective on people, a decision Sarah says was partly a result of her coach. Amid all the challenges, Sarah found her ice skating coach, who kept her on track through her excellent advice.

“I understood that people behave and react based on what they have been exposed to; may it be the environment around them or what they are taught as ‘acceptable’ within their social groups,” says Sarah. She adds the skills and knowledge she has gained as an ice skater have helped her shape her thoughts and, ultimately, her reality. “I realized there’s more to life than my small view of the world and the people I had in it,” says Sarah P Antonella.

By deciding to write her own future, Sarah was able to make her dreams come true. Today she is among the top minority business owners making a huge impact in the world. By sharing her story and tips, she is also helping people level up their businesses and lives.

Sarah says while the path to achieving your goals is daunting, the only way to get to the other side is by overcoming the challenges. She adds it all starts with you being ready to change your mindset and work hard. Rather than dwelling on the failures and mistakes, always look at the bigger picture, learn from the mistakes, and develop ways that will help you avoid similar pitfalls in the future, says Sarah.

She also notes the importance of self-care. While it’s good to chase your dreams, it’s equally important that you take care of your general health, as it will help you remain motivated and inspired throughout your journey. As Sarah grows her venture, her goal is to help more people elevate their lives and unlock their full potential.

Written in partnership with Ascend