James William Awad Sheds Light On The Pros And Cons Of Building Your Own Venture

Whether you’ve spent years planning and saving to become your own boss or are only just beginning to consider the idea, building a business from the ground up can feel daunting. Musician James William Awad, who performs under the name, Senior, has experience in self-made success. His music is currently trending on Spotify, at the same time as his company 111 is contributing to advancements in the decentralization industry. Here, James William Awad shares his insights on the pros and cons of building your own venture.

Pro: You are your own boss

When you’re the one in charge, you can decide the direction of your venture, and you will never be hampered by the demands or ideas of others. James William says, “Countless good ideas have been lost because someone at the top rejected them. With a new venture that you control, you have the freedom to implement every good idea that you have.”

Con: You have to manage yourself

Working alone without any direction from others means that you need to be highly self-motivated to keep going and reach your goals. “It’s easy to feel motivated at the beginning of a venture when every experience is new and exciting. It can be a lot harder to stay motivated once reality sets in, and managing yourself and your time becomes a chore.” James William explains.

Pro: You have a better work-life balance

“If you want to take a step back from your work and devote some time to your family, then the decision is yours.” James William shares, “It’s the sort of freedom that you dream of when being forced to stay in the office causes you to miss irreplaceable moments in your personal life.”

Con: You have to make a lot of sacrifices 

Being in charge means that you are the one who has to take charge when things go wrong. “If there is a crisis at 7 am on a Sunday, you will be the one who has to show up and figure out how to fix it.” James William says, “Passing problems to someone else to fix becomes impossible when the buck stops with you.” He concludes.

Pro: You learn resilience 

“Every mistake you make when you’re building your new business can help you to create a map of the setbacks and the issues that you should avoid in the future.” James William explains. “And making it through these setbacks will help you to become more resilient and better prepared for them.” He says.

Con: Failure hits harder

No matter how much a mistake teaches you, it still stings when it affects the business that you built by hand. When a company you work for suffers a blow, there may not always be personal repercussions for you,” James William shares, “But when the business you own suffers a setback, it will be you personally who feels the brunt of the failure.” He explains.

James William shares that no matter the pros and cons that it presents, having the chance to see your hard work and dedication flourish and become a profitable business is always worth the risk of building your own venture.

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