From Finance To Fashion, The Inspirational Journey Of Kolja Annussek

We’ve witnessed style and fashion transform countless times from childhood to teenage and into adulthood. Fashion designers bring something unique, creative, and fantastically trending every season, obviously with their own exclusivity embedded into it. Premium designing and top-notch fabric quality are what sets high-end fashion designers apart. True for all and for Kolja Annussek too, who heard his inner calling and took a stroll from a successful investment analyst to evolving as a trending fashion designer.

Stepping beyond the boundaries of the mundane world, creating your own value, finding a unique sense of recognition – everything that Kolja Annussek stands for is depicted in this ultramodern rendition of urban wear.

The brand has dawned as an expression of exclusiveness and inspiration – its journey as inspirational as the unorthodox designing of its apparel line. The 2020 debut featured a limited collection of a total of 120 t-shirts with each one being completely unique – the genuine python leather embroideries give each piece a one-of-a-kind touch with its natural characteristics. The brand named after its owner Kolja Annussek also offers a bespoke customizing service upon request, with individual back finishing for the KA SIG – 001 model. Now ready for a season 2, aspiring to introduce other revolutionary design senses and evolutionary fabric quality. While it already used the product line to express the undaunting hard work involved in developing its debut catalog, Season 2 has raised expectations for something even more “unprecedented and out-of-the-box.”

Kolja is of German descent. However, his diverse upbringing did part in his “inspirational” journey. One fine day, in Amsterdam, Kolja walks past a leather jacket with genuine python leather hand-stitched on it; he walked past it, then returned to have another look at it – That’s the thing that drew in him the picture of a fashion designer, isn’t that how inspirations work? You’ll be walking down the street and click! Here’s the idea for something that will be the next big thing for you., the official website for this exclusive brand, elevates urban fashion a notch higher. Driven by inspiration and aspiring to be a fashion label one day, Kolja Annussek is established, recognized, and revered as a perfected definition of exclusivity and redefining fashion. The brand’s Instagram handle is a place to engage firsthand and understand the journey, the development of the drudge-work, the toil, and the efforts involved in showcasing a unique depiction of rebellion and defying the odds. Visit the brand on Instagram at @koljaannussekofficial

The will to make it happen, the motivation to be someone who steps over the line, if you’ve got it, you’re amongst the rarest breed now. While many look for handsome salary packages and success in conventional industries – Kolja Annussek did the opposite; he sought after what would bring him a unique sense of satisfaction and recognition, which wasn’t possible in the finance industry.

Written in partnership with Luxury Lifestyle Magazine