The 7 Companies Poised To Explode In The New Year

Launched in 2016 by partners and Co-Founders Dan Medvene and Leah Marquez, Quantum Energy Squares is an emerging food brand that provides caffeinated energy bars designed to fuel the body and mind, without the caffeine jitters or crash. After conducting extensive research and countless hours spent in the lab with sports dieticians, food scientists, and a pastry chef, the duo developed an energy bar formulated with natural caffeine and balanced plant-based nutrition. Quantum has since evolved into one of the fastest-growing energy bar brands with products that can be found nationwide at all Whole Foods and Sprouts locations. A favorite among several athletes and prominent figures including U.S. Open Tennis Champion, Sloane Stephens, who is also an investor in the company, Quantum proved its ability to deliver long-lasting energy for swimmers, cyclists, and runners as the official on-course energy bar for the IRONMAN North American Triathlon Series and World Championship, and also as the Official Energy Bar of the  Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series. Within the coming months, the company is slated for expansion in the active consumer marketplace with a national launch at REI in 2022.

Xebec is an Austin-based electronics brand developed by Co-Founders Alex Levine and Trevor Russo. Drawing from their previous experiences working as consultants, which often required traveling to client sites, Levine and Russo were forced to maximize productivity from their laptops with limited access to monitors. Seeking to help today’s professionals adapt to the digital workplace, they designed the Xebec Tri-screen–an ultra-portable, universal attachment that easily connects to any laptop, enabling the use of two extra screens. Xebec’s mantra, “Free yourself,” speaks to the company’s mission of empowering modern professionals to “free” themselves from traditional cubicle jobs. In June 2021, the company released its highly anticipated second-generation product along with an accessories expansion that recently launched this Fall.

MyoStorm is a fast-rising wellness brand launched by Founder and CEO Jonothan “Jono” DiPeri. With a focus on massage therapy devices, MyoStorm’s debut product The Meteor propelled the company to prominence after being praised by the judges or “sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank (2019). The Meteor is a palm-sized, self-heating, vibrating massage therapy ball designed to reduce muscle aches, facilitate recovery and increase flexibility. Utilizing leading-edge technology, MyoStorm is set to release a collection of new and innovative products in early 2022.

Boasting over 50 million fans worldwide, 17LIVE has quickly become a global leader in the live streaming industry where users can foster digital communities and engage with their favorite streamers in real-time. Launched in 2019, the Japan-based company is the #1 live streaming app in Asia and has since expanded to six subsidiaries around the globe. Rapidly growing its user base in the United States, 17LIVE has acquired over 10 million downloads in the past year and has partnered with industry-leading talent including Kygo (Grammy award-winning producer), Flawless Real Talk (Netflix Rhythm + Flow), and Quest Crew’s Ryan Conferido (2-time champion of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew) for exclusive concerts and weekly competition-based shows. From virtual concerts, music, and gaming to giveaways, dance, comedy, and charity streams, 17LIVE offers a diverse selection of content for fans who enjoy exploring new worlds and building genuine connections. Audiences can immerse themselves in long-form entertainment through the platform’s full-featured live chat, and they can show their support by utilizing its digital gifting features.

Founded in 2016 by Founder and CEO Dr. Connie Wan, Seattle Gummy Company has solved the biggest problem with oral medications. After realizing that gummies present an ideal structure for drugs due to their quick and efficient absorption rate, Wan conceived the idea for pharmaceutical gummies and, soon later, launched a performance-focused gummy company targeting energy, sports, and wellness. Seattle Gummy Company’s products are formulated with the highest concentrations of active compounds available, with a portfolio that features Mocca Shots for quick energy boosts, Energy Qube for muscle support, and Immunity Shots for immune defense. The brand’s 16 functional gummy products are available in more than 4,500 stores across the US. Significant achievements for Seattle Gummy Company include FDA IND approval for the world’s first gummy medicine, over 70 patent filings, and the development of 10+ gummy drugs.

Established in 2011, Balanced Health is a leading bioenergetic testing company that uses hair and saliva to identify bioenergetic stressors. Founder and CEO, Samantha Stupak, conceived the idea for Balanced Health after spending four years sick in bed with chronic Lyme Disease. For over a decade, Balanced Health has served as a trailblazer in the holistic health space, offering a diverse selection of at-home tests designed to center in on specific stress factors and remedies tested specifically for each client. Devoted to giving back to the community in which it was founded, Balanced Health even awards one individual three months of free services, products and consults through its Living with Lyme program.

Nisha Wadhwa, alternatively known as Healthy Mama Happy Cubs, is an emerging health and wellness influencer who guides followers through various facets of nutrition, exercise, and mental health using research-based content. Upon being diagnosed with postpartum depression in 2020, Wadhwa adopted a holistic ketogenic diet by recommendation of her provider. Several months later, she was cleared from depression and had lost 56lbs. Seeking to share a more sustainable approach to keto, Wadhwa created a science and health-focused Instagram account. In only three months, Healthy Mama Happy Cubs has garnered thousands of followers and continues to host live events featuring experts in the global health industry.

Written in partnership with Ascend