Rechelle Balanzat, Founder Of JULIETTE, Believes New York City Is More Than Just A Destination

New York City, widely considered to be the epicenter of any and everything in the world, felt the consequences of the pandemic a bit more acutely than other parts of the world. The “Big Apple” was eerily quiet and empty. Thankfully, with some semblance of normality beginning to return across the globe, New York City seems to be bouncing back. The city is showing its fortitude and resolution as it opens its schools and the world-renowned Broadway theaters.

New York is reminding us all that it is not merely a place, but rather a feeling. That hustle and bustle and fighting spirit is creeping its way back. The muscle memory of New Yorkers all over is falling back in stride with the quick-pace day to day life they were all too accustomed to before the pandemic.

Rechelle Balanzat

Photo Credit: Juliette Cleaners

Entrepreneur, Rechelle Balanzat, founder of JULIETTE in Manhattan reflects upon what New York City truly means to her. “New York City’s allure is that if gives you the sense that you can achieve anything,” Says Balanzat. “New York City offers a wealth of opportunities. The unexpected is always a possibility.”

Balanzat launched Juliette, a premium laundry and dry cleaning service that has been taking care of New Yorkers’ clothes through the Juliette app since 2014. Her technology-first approach is redefining and disrupting the dry cleaning industry. She continues to be resilient and is honored to share her story in Tory Burch’s “A Love Letter to New York.” Balanzat says, “resilience is the definition of being a New Yorker.”

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