Tracey Ellison Shares How Social Media Helped The Luxury Jewelry Business Survive The Global Pandemic

Photo Credit: Tracey EllisonThe luxury jewelry industry has undeniably been one of the most severely affected industries all over the world due to the pandemic. But thanks to the power and massive reach of social media, luxury jewelry influencers and bloggers like Tracey Ellison, also known as TheDiamondsGirl, have given industry players the mileage they need to survive the global health crisis.

With more than 814k followers on Instagram and over 50k on Facebook, the self-confessed jewelry lover averages 60k to 100k views per post and 10k to 15k likes on Instagram alone. On Facebook, she gets at least 1,000 views and 1,000 likes for each post. As someone who is a trusted personality on social media, both by jewelry lovers and makers alike, people look forward to her content. Her massive influence on social media paved the way for the sale of iconic diamond pieces such as a Van Cleef Zipper necklace after it was posted on her page.

With traditional retail outlets closed during the pandemic, Ellison was able to use her prominent platform to continue to provide critical exposure for jewelers. Even though we are seeing reopening worldwide, the manner in which Tracey is able to capture and create content remains in high demand, as jewelers are able to reach a global audience via her networks.

Staying true to her brand as the TheDiamondsGirl, Tracey Ellison only posts jewelry that she loves no matter how handsome the financial offer may be from brand owners. As a woman of taste when it comes to diamonds, she has traveled to great lengths to source the best of the best in the market today in the regions of the Far East, Middle East, North America, Europe, and Africa. She is where she is today because of her impeccable taste, hard work, and perseverance. The pandemic may have slowed things down a bit, but the power of social media has allowed her to stay connected with her clients and followers alike.

“COVID has been hard for many reasons—posting diamonds seems almost frivolous and disrespectful considering the hardships so many were having to endure,” Tracey Ellison explained. “But my followers kept telling me that my posts brightened their day, gave them something to look forward to, a brief distraction, and so I pushed through,” she added.

Tracey Ellison’s exquisite journey as TheDiamondsGirl on social media has allowed her the privilege of experiencing rare opportunities that are nothing but awe-inspiring, from seeing rare gems like a 163 carat D color flawless diamond at Christie’s in Geneva to being invited to speak to the gem industry in Jaipur and having the largest following of jewelry lovers on Instagram. Each year, Martin Rappaport presents a State of the Diamond Industry address, and for 2020, Tracey was invited to be his guest speaker. She addressed the annual audience of global industry players remotely and considered it such a great honor for a blogger to experience, and indicative of the important role bloggers have in the world of diamonds and jewelry today.

As TheDiamondsGirl, Tracey Ellison has had the honor of meeting iconic jewelers such as Valerie Messika, Fawaz Gruosi, Laurence Graff, and Lorraine Schwartz, among others.

Just recently, Tracey Ellison launched a line of TDG diamond-shaped diamond pendants that are available for sale online, and she is excited to see how her new venture will pan out in the next few months. She is planning on expanding the line by adding related items after the overwhelmingly positive response to her diamond pendants. Her future as an entrepreneur and full-time diamond and luxury jewelry blogger is still promising as she gets ready to discover a new set of rare gems. She has a pending trip to the Muzo emerald mines in Columbia and another visit to a diamond mine in Southern Africa.

If anything, Tracey Ellison and TheDiamondsGirl brand will continue to shine bright in the future as she works on preserving her genuine presence on social media to cater to the needs of her followers and clients alike. As she continues to stand out from the rest with her 100% original content, there is no doubt that she will continue to be instrumental in boosting the luxury jewelry industry.

Learn more about Tracey Ellison by visiting her website. Follow her on Instagram for updates on her latest projects.

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