“Recognition Pushes Me To Work Even Harder,” Says Award-Winning Actor Matthew Sauvé

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Matthew Sauve

Seldom has a successful actor tasted the sweetness of success, without having had a bitter dose of failure. Invariably the beginning is modest, followed by a rough patch before becoming a celebrated actor. During this journey, performance recognition acts as fuel to one’s burning desire to perform better. Multi-award-winning actor Matthew Sauvé has won an astonishing amount of awards globally in a short period of time. He corroborates the fact that winning multiple awards only motivates him to excel.

Matthew had to go a long way indeed for pursuing his passion. During his formative years, he did not get any support system to encourage his talent. Consequently, he joined the police department, and after serving for twelve years, it dawned on him to follow his childhood dream.

At the outset of Matthew’s career in 2016, he was fortunate to have had an inspiring audition with Derek Cianfrance, a well-known Hollywood director. Looking at the way Matthew conducted himself, Derek remarked, that acting comes from a place of truth, He stated that Matthew was brave, open, and vulnerable in his audition, possessing all the qualities a great actor needs to have. Those impactful words set the stage for Matthew to give his best shot on the silver screen.

Matthew is best known for his lead role as ‘Travis’ in the dramatic short film “One Night Stand.” The film, for which Matthew is also the producer, received critical acclaim, winning him over 40 ‘Best Actor’ awards worldwide. In Canada, “One Night Stand” won 2nd place in the 2019 CTV ‘Best in Shorts’ national competition. Highlights include winning ‘Best Lead Actor’ at the West Europe International Film Festival in Brussels, nominated in the same category as famous Hollywood actor Vincent D’Onofrio for the second time.

Receiving an award is a great feeling for any actor, being recognized for one’s talent and the hard work it takes. Every award serves as a stepping stone for better performance in ensuing roles. As one hits the sweet spot of acting, winning becomes a habit, and that is how one treads the road to stardom. Matthew Sauvé’s award-winning streak is a testimony to this untold truth. He continues to evolve as an actor and director, with several projects lined up for 2021.