How A Business Consultant Can Make Marketing Music That Much Easier With Barion McQueen

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Albina K.

One of the hottest subjects in the business world today is the ever-changing realm of marketing. Lots of big and small companies are trying to “do” marketing on a shoe-string budget, and behind them, a lot of independent business people are trying to do the same. Among them, of course, are musicians, as well as artists of all other stripes. Because in today’s rapid-fire world, music is by far a large business, and not even the most gifted of singers can escape the bureaucracy and entrepreneurship needed to flourish in this business.

There is no doubt that the Internet has come up with a lot of great opportunities for new and established musicians alike, including, of course, many more ways to get your work out there and raise up your fanbase. That is what is known as marketing. However, it is not something we are all equally skilled at doing. Unfortunately, a great skill in bass-playing will not automatically make you a good marketer, and many talented musicians struggle when it comes to getting the word out.

This is where Barion McQueen comes in. With over 20 years of experience in the music world, McQueen is one of the most sought-after marketing consultants in the business today, and with good reason. Together with his company, appropriately titled The Brand Castle, he has helped numerous artists, both big and small, take flight with their careers and gather a solid fan-base in a relatively short while.

It is the job of Barion McQueen, and people like him, to track your existing approach to marketing and point out any potential weak spots. With years of experience, his eyes rapidly identify any potential pitfalls and “rookie” mistakes many musicians and non-marketers may not be aware of. It is also the job of Barion McQueen to work with you, the artist, to create the perfect marketing campaign and polish up your posts, social media presence, etc., in order to reap the most benefits. In other words, it is his job to show you how you can use this great opportunity that is the world wide web.

What’s more, McQueen is something of a unique case in the field of music marketing, having dabbled in music himself. In fact, that is what draws him to work with musicians even now. He first struck out as a young man, trying his hand at the hip hop industry, but rapidly finding a number of pitfalls, scams, and so on, that in the end, made it impossible for him to thrive. But he took that knowledge and experience and rather than let it get him down, he built from it, turning himself into a highly keen and skilled consultant to musicians, both amateurs just starting out, as well as experienced talent.

Barion McQueen is a man who can direct your marketing approach to music from the inside out, having himself been in your exact shoes once. With unparalleled skill and perspective, he knows what needs to be done. All that remains is for you to ask him.