Celebrity Fitness Guru Rodrigo Garduno Of 54D Speaks On Transforming The Digital Fitness Industry

Rodrigo GardunoPhoto Credit: 54D

Throughout the past few months of quarantine, digital, at-home workouts have never been so popular. And former professional soccer player-turned 54D Fitness Founder Rodrigo Garduno turned a setback into a new fitness revolution, as he introduced his signature 54D workouts to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world via social media. Recently dubbed the ‘King of Fitness,’ the fitness guru has garnered a high-profile cult-following, including celebrities and athletes like Adriana Lima, Fonseca, Juanes, Jorge Posada and many more who swear by Garduno’s all-encompassing, 54-day program.

Garduno’s last free IG Live class will be taking place this Saturday, July 18th, 2020, with a groundbreaking event streamed from the PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter Rooftop, with Alex Sensation spinning the latest radio hits in the backdrop. The class will take place at 11am EST/8am PST and you can take part simply by joining the live session.

Here, we chat with the expert on how social media has propelled his business to another level, how 54D came about and his newest online program, 54D On, new fitness studio openings and how he keeps himself and others motivated—even during tough times. Find it all below:

HL: Can you walk us through the 54D Program. How did you create it and what does it entail?

RG: 54D is more than a fitness brand—it is a human transformation program. It spans 54 days, with customers training 6 days a week, only resting on Sundays. All trainers are former professional soccer players, so they know how to manage the intensities of the program. All training is from high to low during the week and each week looks different—we prepare clients for the coming week each time. The plans all look different depending on the person. We have 25 nutritionists within the brand and three physical locations in Mexico, Colombia and the United States. For each member enrolled, we create a full plan—training, nutrition and recovery. At our physical locations, we utilize cryotherapy, which helps the body and muscles recover. Additionally, we tap into the emotional/mental side of clients, helping them manage their stress and emotions and get into a stronger mindset during the nine weeks of training.

HL: Tell us about the launch of 54D On. How is this unique?

RG: 54D On is our new online version launching [this] week. It all started during the quarantine. I feel that when you have certain capabilities that can help others, it’s important to share them with the world. During the quarantine, I opened my Instagram up and started streaming live classes to those wanting to work out from home. These weren’t our typical 54D programs, but it was tailored for people to be able to do the exercises without weights and in small spaces—perfect for at-home workouts. We started doing this 4-5 times a week. I did this for free because people need to move during times like these. We reached over 35K viewers each time and ended up helping more than 600K people throughout the world. It was an amazing movement. We’re very happy for what we did and what we accomplished, reaching so many people and helping them tune out the negative things going on in the world.

This sparked the idea of 54D On. This is an online membership plan to receive these workouts and specialized training, nutrition, recovery and emotional support that the original 54D entails, just remotely. Quarantine created a big opportunity for us to be known around the world, but now we must adapt to this ‘new reality’ and it could be an extraordinary moment for us because we can now reach the world. The world is changing and we need to keep moving. People are looking for things to do in their houses. If brands don’t adapt, they won’t survive.

Rodrigo GardunoPhoto Credit: 54D

HL: Social media clearly played a huge role in your brand’s success. Tell us about that.

RG: I am amazed at what social media can do. I used to be an old-school guy who didn’t understand it but now that I have experienced it, it’s incredible what it can do for your brand and your business. You can reach the world and touch hundreds of thousands of lives. If you just stay in your facilities, your future is small. With social media, the possibilities are infinite—there is no limit for you. Recently, I was referred to as the ‘King of Fitness’ on the news. They wouldn’t have known of me without social media. It is an amazing way to position yourself as a leader in your field around the world. I’m so grateful for this empowerment. Sometimes, with crisis comes opportunity, and we are lucky enough to have been able to capture this time and use it to our advantage to spread our mission and help bring some positivity to the world.

HL: What is the key to staying motivated, especially during times like these?

RG: What we feel we do differently is catering to the emotional and mental side of our clients. Sometimes with exercise, it’s not just about being fit. It’s maintaining emotional health with physical health. We have a good mix of both and this is the key to motivating you—strong mental health.

HL: You also have some new physical studios coming in the future once life resumes back to normal?

RG: Yes, we have a location in the Miami Design District that will open next, and after that, we know we must take our business to New York City because we have a big client base there and the demand for it.

Rodrigo GardunoPhoto Credit: 54D

HL: You motivate so many people around the world. What motivates you?

RG: I want to be the best brand in the world. I want to help a lot of people’s lives. I think my brand has the power in so many ways on so many levels to change people’s lives. I’m very motivated from what we’ve done in quarantine and we have what we need to start building a big, big brand. One of my biggest dreams is to become the biggest and best fitness brand in the United States.

HL: Any word of advice for those at home right now wanting to get in shape?

RG: People need to move. Whether it’s with me or with somebody else, online or outside—training and moving your body is what will take you to another level and will create mental and emotional health during times when everything is very difficult and scary. Invest in yourselves and invest time in yourselves. Move and create energy—it will improve your health, stress, anxiety and give you balance!

Find Rodrigo Garduno’s 3 Motivational Tips Below: 

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