Four Seasons Hotel New York To House Doctors And Nurses

doctorsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

The temporarily-closed Four Seasons Hotel New York has now been put to greater use during this time as it transforms into a safe-place for nurses, doctors and other medical personnel that are battling the COVID-19 pandemic for free.

New York has by far been hit the hardest out of all U.S. states during this time, with the number of cases doubling every few days as hospitals are filled with workers battling on the frontlines of the disease every day. While the swanky hotel located on “Billionaires Row” typically runs for over $1,000 per night, throughout its temporary closure, it is allowing the true heroes of our society to take comfort in its accommodations during this trying time.


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Founder and Chairman of Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts shared that they made this decision hoping that giving these workers a place to stay in the city would cut down commute times for those who live outside of the city. He was inspired after hearing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily news conferences, where these concerns have been raised.

Cuomo has also been speaking to other hotels in the Manhattan area to see who else can step up to help, following an outpour of generosity from some of the world’s greatest brands, from fashion houses to spirits companies, automotive factories and more.