How Ferrari Trento President Matteo Lunelli Plans On Bringing The Italian Art Of Living To The 2019 Emmys

Ferrari Trento
Matteo Lunelli and Julia Louis Dreyfus

Photo Credit: Ferrari Trento

Everyone knows that Italians like to live the good life, and for the fifth consecutive year, Hollywood is getting a bit of that dolce vita thanks to Ferrari Trento, the Official Sparkling Wine of the Emmy Awards. The brand—which won the gold medal at the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships 2019—will showcase it’s winning Ferrari Brut Trentodoc, as well as large-format bottles of Ferrari Brut, Ferrari Rosé and Ferrari Perlé at the Governor’s Ball post-broadcast on Sept. 22, as well as the Performer Nominees Reception on Friday, Sept. 20; it also brought that Italian luster to the Creative Arts Emmy events last weekend. We sat down with Ferrari Trento CEO and President Matteo Lunelli about the brand’s dedicated “Ferrari Trento Villa” experience and why bringing the Italian art of living to Los Angeles is essential to awards season.

2019 Governors Ball
A sneak peek inside the 2019 Governors Ball

Photo Credit: Television Academy

What synergies did you see between the Ferrari Trento brand and the Emmy Awards that made you decide to pursue the Official Sparkling Wine sponsorship five years ago?

Throughout several discussions with the Television Academy about potential sponsorship leading up to the ultimate selection of Ferrari Trento as Official Sparkling Wine, it became evident to me that Ferrari Trento and the Television Academy share a distinctive set of values: namely, the highest standards for excellence in our respective fields and the consistent pursuit of innovation while remaining true to decades-old history. Ferrari has been the toast of many international celebrities and world-class events since our founding in 1902, so our selection by the Television Academy has in its way been a natural extension of our brand.

Ferrari brings the Italian Art of Living to Los Angeles each September during Emmys season. What will this experience be like this year?

We will create the Ferrari Trento Villa – an immersive experience of fine Italian lifestyle, wine, food and design – at a private estate in Beverly Hills. The Villa will host our VIP guests from the worlds of entertainment, sports and fashion, as well as members of the wine industry and the Television Academy, for private events leading up to the Primetime Awards night. In addition, a Ferrari toast will bring a touch of Italian Art of Living to the Governors Ball.

What does the Italian Art of Living mean to you?

I firmly believe that luxury Italian products have a hugely evocative power: in the minds and hearts of global consumers they recall a feeling of tradition, a distinct sense of place, an atmosphere of inherent quality and the poetic virtues of our way of life. The Italian Art of Living embodies the passion for beauty, taste and elegance; the ability to embrace innovation while respecting traditions; and a zest for life that is the very soul of the Italian spirit. This includes a natural predilection to finding deep pleasure in the simplest of things, shown by our enjoyment of the little, daily pleasures. This is essentially what the Italian Art of Living means to me.

Ferrati Trento
General atmosphere at Ferrari at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards Governors Ball held at the L.A. Convention Center on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016, in Los Angeles. (Photo by John Salangsang/Invision for Ferrari/AP Images)

Photo Credit: Ferrati Trento

Would you say that Ferrari Trento is a Hollywood brand? Why or why not?

I believe that Ferrari Trento is first of all an Italian brand, but I like to say that Ferrari Trento loves Hollywood. Our sparkling wines are synonymous with joy and cheerfulness, and Hollywood is a place where life and emotions are celebrated at the highest level. Ferrari Trento has accompanied a lot of unforgettable moments in cinema and television, and it is a true pleasure for us to be the official sparkling of the Emmys.

Who have you been dazzled by at past Emmy events? How and why?

Firstly I would say Robert De Niro. He is a true myth and an actor that I have always admired. I remember that I met him by chance at the theatre and he spoke to me about his love for Italy, saying a few words in Italian. Then probably John Travolta. I met him in 2016 on the red carpet, and it was truly thrilling. Another special moment was meeting John Legend, because he is an incredible talent and I have always been surprised at how he can be excellent in so many different fields, from music to cinema, to theatre. I have also been dazzled by Susan Sarandon, as she is an iconic actress and is really beautiful and elegant. She has Italian origins and she told me about that. In general I am always surprised by the positive attitude that all of these stars have towards Italy.

Which current Italian stars truly have that Hollywood star power and why?

In Italy I would mention Pierfrancesco Favino, a great actor whom I know well. He is incredibly versatile and he can play in a drama as well as a comic part.

Ferrari TrentoPhoto Credit: Ferrari Trento

Who have you gifted with commemorative bottles of Ferrari Trento and why do you think the gift was well-deserved?

We gifted the commemorative bottle of Ferrari Trento created for the Emmy Awards to some of the winners in the past editions. In addition we’ve gifted them to some influencers and important people in the food and beverage, fashion and cinema sectors. This year we’ve chosen to honor several of the nominees with engraved bottles, as well as some stars who may not be nominated this year but retain the highest level of our esteem.

What, in your opinion, makes this brand so unique?

I think that the key factors of our brand are territory and tradition. Ferrari Trento has a strong connection with Trentino, where all our vineyards are cultivated, and has a long history because it was established in 1902. Ferrari has accompanied the most important events of institutions, culture and sport of our country and a lot of private moments of Italian people. Ferrari is the toast of Italy par excellence and it is the authentic Italian luxury sparkling wine: this is what makes our brand unique.

Ferrari Trento
Alec Baldwin and Matteo Lunelli

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What initiatives do you have planned in the future?

At Ferrari Trento we will continue to pursue excellence and first of all we will continue to invest in order to make the best possible sparkling wine, an expression of the Trentino mountain viticulture. In addition we aspire to be the ambassador of the Italian Art of Living worldwide.

What is the Altagamma Foundation? How did you get involved and what does it mean to you?

The Altagamma Foundation gathers high-end Italian cultural and creative companies that operate in various sectors and are recognized globally as authentic ambassadors of Italian style. The mission is to increase the competitiveness of the high-end industry, contributing to Italy’s economic growth and to support and promote Italian excellence in various sectors including fashion, food and beverage, design and hospitality. Altagamma encourages the development of relationships and the sharing of ideas and market information. I joined the board of the Foundation in 2013 and I have always participated in the activity. I strongly believe in Altagamma and the potential synergies that can be created worldwide between the best of “made in Italy” brands because we share the same values and the customers of our products are often the same. Those who buy a high end Italian suit by Ermenegildo Zegna, for example, can be a customer of Ferrari Trento, as well. Personally, I find it very stimulating to collaborate and interact with the leaders of other Altagamma companies.