Hannah Bronfman Talks DJ, Wellness And New Book: Do What Feels Good

The 31-year-old entrepreneur and billionaire heiress, Hannah Bronfman is on a straight path to success and happiness and there is nothing getting in her way. In the last decade, Bronfman founded HBFIT, served as DJ for fashion events and corporate clients such as Dior, Bvlgari, and Christian Louboutin—and released a book about her journey. She has also opened for stars including John Legend, Alicia Keys and curated music for stores around the world. The celebrity DJ and fitness influencer’s success led her to receive global recognition including features in global campaigns, co-hosting for Food Network and VH1 and serving as guest editor/blogger for outlets such as Equinox and Teen Vogue.

Her passion for entrepreneurialism runs in the family, starting with her father Edgar Bronfman Jr., former Warner Music Group CEO, mother, actress Sherri Brewer and brother Benjamin Bronfman, who is a musician and entrepreneur. Her husband, Brendan Fallis, is also a DJ and one of the most sought after open-format DJs worldwide, who has worked with high-profile clients such as Louis Vuitton, Red Bull, and Absolut—talk about a power couple. Bronfman and Fallis tied the knot in May 2017 with a glamorous Moroccan wedding in Marrakesh with a number of high profile bloggers and influencers, including Liv Perez, in attendance.

Haute Living sat down with Bronfman as she was getting ready to DJ for the W Washington DC renovation reveal celebration to discuss her journey to becoming a DJ, how she manages a busy life and stays fit on the road and her new book, Do What Feels Good.

HL: Can you tell us when and how you started life as a DJ?

HB: I attended Bard College, which is a small liberal arts college in New York. My friends and I would go out to the bar and we were tired of the ‘townie’ music, so one night we decided to take over the bar and play our music. By the end of the night, we made the bar a lot of money and were asked to come back every Thursday to DJ. When I would come home for summer, I continued to DJ and I continued to DJ after college, which eventually started to attract larger gigs for corporate clients. My first corporate gig was for Dolce & Gabbana at Fashion Night Out in 2012. I actually opened for Justin Bieber —it wasn’t a paid gig, but they did dress me. From then on, I have DJ’d for technology, publishing and fashion clients as well as Amazon, Spotify and Fast Company.

HL: Did you ever think your life would turn out this way? You obviously had some great mentors. 

HB: I studied to be an artist when I was in college and I graduated at the height of the economic decline. However, before I went to college I worked in public relations, fashion and music, which was useful as I used the skills and knowledge to become my own publicist and marketer. I didn’t know I would be making a career out of DJing, but I’m glad that this is my life because being a DJ opened doors into beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness, which are all things I’m passionate about. When the corporate gigs started rolling in, I finally realized that there was something there. I’ve had so many great opportunities in my life, and I’m grateful for that.

HL: How do you manage your busy schedule as a DJ and manage to stay fit on the road?

HB: Honestly, it’s all about time management. When you actually get to create something and turn your passions into a career it doesn’t seem like too daunting of a task. It’s also about creating certain systems—having a team behind you to manage the inbound and outreach aspect of it all. I also get to travel a lot. In fact, I was recently in New Zealand and the first thing I did when I landed was go to the gym. It helps keep my energy up and I never take a nap when I enter a new time zone.

HL: Can you tell us about your book, Do What Feels Good?

HB: The book, which came out in January, is about my wellness journey—everything I’ve learned over the last decade. I decided it was time to put all the knowledge from my early twenties and thirties into one place. However, it’s different from my lifestyle website, HBFIT.com because the site is more about the community, whereas my book is about me and the knowledge I have amassed from experts I’ve met over the years.

HL: You have an impressive Instagram following. How did you get started?

HB: I started posting photos and videos of my fitness journey and healthy lifestyle and saw people were taking an interest. I cultivated trust with my followers by keeping true to myself. I’m practically an open book and I love bringing people with me along the journey that I’m on.

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Today's motto: kicking a$$ and taking names.

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HL: What is your advice for anyone who is stuck in a rut or wants a change?

HB: Ruts happen all the time and can happen at any age. My best advice would be to surround yourself with positive people and eliminate toxic relationships. Also, try something new, whether it be challenging yourself with a workout or stepping outside your comfort zone. Don’t forget to look after yourself and that includes your mind, body, and spirit. Do something that challenges you physically and mentally, and you should be able to get yourself out of any rut.

HL: Can you tell us what you’re working on next?

HB: There’s a lot in the pipeline. I’m moving towards more long term digital programming and building a larger network. I’m also working on products, which I’m excited about.

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Ahhhh 500k! Wow. Guys this is such an incredible day, not only because my book is finally out today (cannot believe it!), but mostly because you all have decided to come along with me for the ride. It's so humbling and an incredible honor. In the spirit of everything that I believe in and what I hope my account brings to you, I'd love if you could spread the mission of the Feel Good Challenge, taking just a minute of your time to help someone else feel good today. This could be something small, like telling someone they look nice today, or something bigger like letting a friend or loved one know how you feel about them. Let me know what you did below and tag someone who deserves to feel good ??✨?

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