One-On-One With Influencer And Entrepreneur Arielle Charnas On The Launch Of Something Navy Kids

Something Navy Kids
Arielle Charnas with daughters Ruby and Esme

Arielle Charnas is the epitome of the massive influence the digital sphere has on today’s world and the growing evolution of digital marketing. After amassing a cult following on her beloved blog, @somethingnavy, which she started in 2009, and launching a successful collaboration with Treasure & Bond through Nordstrom in 2017, the retailer approached her in 2018 to partner in the creation of her own clothing brand, Something Navy.

Since then, Charnas has introduced numerous Something Navy women’s collections with Nordstrom, selling out almost instantaneously upon each collection’s debut, with pieces ranging from fashionable and feminine tops, jeans, dresses, coats and dusters, shoes, accessories and eventually swimwear.

Most recently, Charnas was able to merge the two loves of her life together—fashion and motherhood—as she launched Something Navy Kids in March 2019. Inspired by her two daughters, 3-year-old Ruby and 1-year-old Esme, the children’s collection features adorable pieces for young girls, even with some matching mother-daughter outfits within the collection. Since Charnas’ popularity stems equally from the adoration of her keen fashion sense and also her transparent, lovable journey of motherhood, Something Navy fans rejoiced at the idea of bringing these two worlds together. For Charnas, this was an obvious progression for her brand, as her followers have grown to love and adore both her and her family.

Here, we chat with Arielle on the launch of Something Navy Kids, work-life balance of being a power-business woman and superstar mom, as well as her daughters’ influence on the collection.

Something Navy Kids
Arielle and Ruby – Something Navy Kids April Collection

Photo Credit: Anna Chudnovsky for Something Navy

Tell us about the Something Navy Kids Line.

It is so insanely cute! Most of my followers have been asking us to create the kids clothing for adults! It’s pretty much inspired by my daughter Ruby. She has very specific taste, and I wanted to create pieces for her and her sister, Esme, that I couldn’t find within the market.

How were your own daughters the inspiration behind the line?

They inspired it completely! Ruby lives in dresses, so we created a lot of pretty floral dresses, sets—because it’s so much easier than putting together an outfit, especially on a baby—and some great tops and sweaters.

How was it getting to design a collection for them and other little girls like them?

Honestly, amazing. It’s one of my favorite things about the Something Navy brand. Introducing the kids’ category was the most exciting!

Something Navy Kids
Ruby in Something Navy Kids June Collection

Photo Credit: Anna Chudnovsky for Something Navy

What are some of your favorite pieces of the collection?

Right now, I’m in love with the floral set [top and shorts] and the white cotton long-sleeve summer dress.

Will you continue launching kids’ collections in upcoming months, or was it a one-time only thing for the time being?

Yes, we have several kids’ collections launching!

Will you do boys clothing also?

I have always wanted to create a boys’ line as well, but I don’t think it’s happening anytime soon, unfortunately.

What’s your favorite part about motherhood?

Watching my girls grow, learn and become best friends!

Something Navy Kids
Arielle and Esme – Something Navy Kids April Collection

Photo Credit: Anna Chudnovsky for Something Navy

How do you balance seeing your girls and running your business?

My office is basically around the corner, so I am always going back and forth. It’s the best of both worlds.

Do you see Ruby and Esme becoming fashion influencers like yourself? It seems Ruby already has quite the fashion sense.

Ha-ha, I mean that would be pretty cool. Ruby is definitely into it and taking after me, but I can’t say the same about Esme yet. I would love it, though!

What are five essential things you need as a mother to two girls?

Baby Bjorn carrier, Inglesina High Chair, crayons, Goodnight Moon book, Barbies, Tylenol + Benadryl.

Greatest piece of advice for launching your own business?

Stay true to yourself.