How To Get Fit Like Halle Berry: Her “John Wick 3” Stunt Double Shares 7 Fitness Tips

Halle Berry stunt doublePhoto Credit: Instagram/Anisha Bibbs

Behind every superhero actress is a badass stunt double executing ridiculously rigorous fighting scenes like jumping from building to building. And for Oscar winner Halle Berry‘s latest project, “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” (as well as many, many in the past), playing mysterious assassin Sophia, that hardbodied stunt woman is longtime dancer Anisha Tee Gibbs. Gibbs who is also known for her work on Batman: The Enemy Within, Altered Carbon, Beyond The Lights, and Luke Cage, as well as creating the popular Neesh Nation channel on YouTube, and co-founding the Thr3e Live Dance Company in Providence, Rhode Island, is now revealing some of her favorite workout routines that have helped her get into the best shape in Rough Around the Edges, an intense, exhilarating and fun workout series featuring six of Hollywood’s leading stuntwomen.

Rough Around the Edges takes a unique approach to fitness by focusing on no-frills workouts that build strength and power through a program that combines elements of HIIT, Cardio, MMA and more. Participants at home are encouraged to focus on results and feel empowered through the intense workouts by these women.  Here, Gibbs shares some of her tips and tricks for how to get in shape like Halle Berry’s stunt double.

Halle Berry stunt double Photo Credit: Openfit

TIP 1: Switch Up Your Workouts

I oftentimes hear from friends that they feel bored of their workout routines and have lost the motivation to make it out to the gym. To avoid this slump, I recommend switching up your routine and experimenting with new workouts that put a twist on your usual cardio and strength exercises.

Bored of jogging on the treadmill for 30-minutes? Consider a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) run. Not only do HIIT workouts burn through fat in a short amount, they are recommended for their strength-building benefits! Looking to build muscle, but can’t stand to look at another set of free weights? Look at possibly taking a fast-paced karate, boxing or even dance class.

For anyone looking to shake up their routines, Rough Around the Edges is the perfect tool to discover fun new workouts that are challenging and easy to follow along.

Halle loves switching up her routine with her trainer Peter Lee Thomas and shares her new favorite workouts and health tips as part of her #FitnessFriday posts across her Facebook and Instagram pages. From her posts, you can definitely tell that Halle loves a new challenge.

TIP 2: Don’t Be Afraid to Sweat

Part of the fun of Rough Around the Edges is its unconventional approach to workouts. Each video is taught by a professional stunt woman (myself included) and challenges participants to push themselves in all new ways. The series is different from other workouts as it is very no-frills and encourages participants to get sweaty and try new techniques, rather than worry about how they may look while working out. You definitely feel like a badass when you’ve finished one of our workouts and find yourself feeling both accomplished and exhausted afterwards!

TIP 3: Rest Up

Getting enough rest on a daily basis is absolutely necessary for allowing your body to recover after an intense day of physical activity. Long film shoots often use up most of my energy, so it’s important that I allow my body to repair itself after filming extreme stunts all day.

On days where it feels difficult to get a good night’s rest, I recommend some light stretches to relax your body. Many of your favorite yoga poses (including downward dog) are perfect for these stretches.

Halle Berry stunt doublePhoto Credit: Openfit

TIP 4: Fuel Your Body The Right Way

Along with proper rest, fueling your body with the right foods is essential to reaching your fitness goals. I’m a huge fan of clean foods that are high in protein as they provide plenty of energy to keep you going throughout the day, while foods high in fiber are great for helping you feel full for longer. Healthy fats such as avocados and olive oil are also some of my favorites and known for being great for your overall heart health.

One of my go-to dinner meals at the moment is stuffed bell peppers. Not only are they packed with protein thanks to the recipe’s lean ground turkey, but they are also easy to prepare and super filling!

TIP 5: Stay Hydrated

Whether I’m onset for a film shoot or taking part in an intense training session, I always make sure to have a water bottle with me at all times. Staying hydrated guarantees that my body can keep up with the demands of my busy schedule, while also keeping my mood in check whenever I’m faced with a long and grueling day. Water is also great for overall skin health and keeps you looking healthy and radiant.

TIP 6: Set Achievable Goals

Goal setting is important and even better when you set easily attainable ambitions for yourself. Smalls goals like working out five days in a row, giving up soda for a week or setting a consistent bedtime are simple to achieve and provide a great sense of accomplishment. I often find that setting these achievable goals make me feel great and often help motivate to accomplish more.

Late last year, Halle encouraged her followers on social media to set “realistic goals and intentions” for themselves and I definitely agree! One tip Halle shared is to write down your goals and to keep them in a spot that you’ll view them daily as a reminder to yourself to stay motivated!

TIP 7: Live Life Rough Around the Edges

Life is all about living everyday to the fullest and I truly believe that taking risks and seizing the right opportunities have helped me get to where I am in life. Focusing on my own goals and making my dreams a reality has taken me to amazing places and has brought me an immense feeling of pride.

Halle Berry stunt doublePhoto Credit: Instagram/Anisha Bibbs