Amanda Stanton Dishes On Her New Fashion Line (A Collab With Her Kids) + Why She Can’t Stop Pinching Herself

Amandon StantonPhoto Credit: Aimee Nicolas

Bachelor Nation” contestant Amanda Stanton has officially launched her new clothing line: Lani the Label. The California-born reality starlet’s first collection features an assortment of spring must-haves, including a selection of ‘mommy-and-me’ inspired designs that her daughters, Kinsley Elizabeth and Charlie Emma, actually helped collaborate on. Her core debut collection includes unique dresses, stylish dusters, lady-like skirts and bodysuits, a mix of high quality, structured pieces with feminine details like ruffle hems and sweetheart necklines in a pastel color palette with pops of red and black. We chatted with Stanton about her new line, collaborating with her daughters, her parenting hacks and how well new boyfriend Bobby Jacobs is integrating into her daughters’ lives.

Amanda Stanton

What inspired you to create a clothing line?

Kins and Char, my daughters, were always the driving force behind my interest and love for fashion. It wasn’t until after they were born that I really got into dressing them up and wanting to match with them. I wanted to create Lani because I wanted to create an affordable and cute yet practical line for both moms and their mini-me’s.

How involved were your kids in the design process?

The girls are SO picky about what they wear nowadays that there was no way I was creating anything without their input. Because she’s older, Kins was a great fit model and also did the modeling on our website. In terms the creative process, I let them choose between certain colors and let them “twirl-test” the dresses. How much they twirled was of huge importance to them!

Amanda StantonPhoto Credit: Aimee Nicolas

How did you decide to let your kids weigh in?

Kins and Char are always playing around with my makeup and my wardrobe, so getting their opinions on the first set of samples wasn’t actually difficult at all! I would narrow down my top three color choices and really let them weigh in on what they liked best. Once the samples were created, Kins tried them all on. It was such a fun process! When she had the dresses on and could touch and feel them, she was actually pretty vocal about what was comfortable and what wasn’t.

What is your favorite piece in the collection and why?

It honestly changes every single day. At first, it was The Lily Dress. I love this powder blue color and the midi length of this dress. It was so feminine yet comfortable at the same time. After that, it became The Aster Bodysuit because I wore it every single day and to a lot of events! Ultimately, though, I would say The Kinsley Dress is the top contender because it is truly the perfect little white dress. It also doesn’t hurt that the mini version is just as adorable, if not more!

Amanda Stanton Photo Credit: Aimee Nicolas

What was the inspiration behind the style names?

Of course I had to name the girls’ favorite dresses after them! I also named the Tiffany dress after my assistant/brand manager who was with me throughout the design process. Poppy was named after my sweet (and hyper) golden doodle pup. The rest of the names were just names I thought were feminine and fun – two things that the line definitely represent.

What can we expect for future collections?

I’ve already started working on summer and fall and I seriously cannot wait to share. What you can expect is the same affordability/accessibility as the first drop. This was something super important to me. I’m also very much about the romantic silhouettes and puff sleeves, so you’ll see a lot of this in the summer line as well. For fall, expect a richer colors, but the same as the line is now: easy to wear and transitional from casual to evening.

Amanda Stanton

You’re teaching your daughters about the design process, but what are the important lessons you’re teaching them on the whole?

Ultimately, I want to set the example that showing up, working hard and manifesting in your dreams is certainly attainable. While designing clothes and working on a passion project is SO much fun, nothing happens without stepping one foot in front of the other and putting in the time and effort to make things happen.

What’s your tried and true parenting hack?

I don’t think there is one! Every kid is so different – from the their personality to learning methods. Teaching your kids and leading them in the right direction is so important, but it’s even more important to let them make mistakes and learn things on their own.

Amanda Stanton Photo Credit: Aimee Nicolas

How is Bobby with your kids?

It sounds very cheesy, but sometimes I have to pinch myself. Dating was not a priority and I never thought I’d meet someone who is so loving, caring and fiercely in awe of my kids. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a giant kid himself sometimes! He’s just goofy and loves to play, and they love that about him.

What is one product or thing that has been tremendously helpful as a parent and why?

Snacks! Always have snacks in your bag or your car for the busiest days!

Amanda Stanton Photo Credit: Aimee Nicolas