Steve Howey Talks His Top Travel Moments: From An All-Guy Road Trip With William H. Macy To Swimming Naked In Cabo

Photo Credit: Steve Howey

Steve Howey loves to travel: It’s a simple fact. Regardless of where he goes—whether it’s a dream destination like Positano, Italy, business-pleasure trips such as New York or Chicago, bro glamping trips with pals like William H. Macy and Justin Chatwin or even something for his health (he’s hoping to run a triathlon in Miami this year)—the “Shameless” star is all in. Chalk it up to the fact that he grew up on a boat, or simply credit it to Howey’s innate sense of adventure, but there you have it.

Wherever he goes, this seasoned traveler makes sure to have the essentials on his at all times: his workout clothes, a snazzy power suit and his OPKIX gear: In particular, the OPKIXOne, a uniquely compact (it’s 1.4 inches long), hands-free Bluetooth camera that  pairs with an integrated app where you can edit your footage with the addition of filters, music, and AR, creating unique content to share across your favorite social platforms.

We chatted with Howey about his travel essentials, his dream destinations, that time he glamped it up with Bill Macy and Justin Chatwin (which has a happy ending but didn’t go exactly the way he planned) and the most shameless thing he’s ever done while traveling. Hint: It involves nudity.

Photo Credit: OPKIX

What are your top 5 travel essentials and why?

First, my workout gear is essential, because it’s important to keep up exercise when I’m traveling. In order to be ready for any occasion, I always bring a nice suit. I’m also going to have my favorite cologne with me. I have to say my OPKIX Camera too, so I can always chronicle what I’m doing. Finally, my OPKIX Sunglasses to make filming even more seamless.
How do you capture the moments you want to remember forever while traveling?

It comes back to the OPKIX camera. It’s fast, and it’s easy. As soon as I press the button, I’m recording, and it’s streamed straight to the software. Afterwards, I can edit everything. Outside of video, we print a lot of photos in general. We’ll take tons of photos of our kids in different outfits and for different occasions. We try to print them out as much as possible to have hard copies. We grew up with actual photos not just files on hard drives and in clouds [Laughs].

What’s the most luxurious trip you’ve ever taken? Describe and tell us what made it so over-the-top.

Sarah Shahi and myself flew first class to Rome and saw the Pope give his first mass at The Vatican, which was pretty rad. That was a good one. Immediately after, we went to Positano in the Amalfi Coast and stayed there for two weeks. It was an epic vacation.

You’re close to your “Shameless” co-stars, and even went on a motorcycle trip with Bill Macy and Justin Chatwin. Can you tell us about it? What was the male-bonding like on that kind of trip?

We definitely glamped it up. Bill made reservations at different really nice hotels along the way [Laughs]. We stayed at all of these cool places, but we rode fast and rode hard. At one point, we stayed at this really cool farm hotel. It was a great experience, because it was all farm-to-table and they had a great chef at the restaurant. When we pulled up, we dropped our stuff off and headed to the restaurant. Justin was wearing a lot of cologne, and I believe cologne right before a restaurant is an olfactory offense, since I didn’t ask for it and I just want to taste my food. Everybody got into a fight.

Bill got really mad at me, because I wouldn’t sit with Justin. He was tired and hungry, and he started yelling at me. I was yelling at him back. Justin left. Outside, there was a campfire. Justin stood in the pathway of the smoke. He bathed himself in the smoke. When he came back, the smoke had neutralized the cologne smell. I couldn’t smell it. We all sat together, and there was a happy ending. It’s a true story!

It’s the first time Bill got really mad and yelled at me like, “Who cares about the cologne?” I was like, “I do, Bill. I do!”

Howey and wife Sarah Shahi

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Growing up on a sailboat, you must have an affinity for the sea. What are your favorite places in the world to sail?

I loved to sail up and down Baja and the Pacific Coast of California. I got to experience living on a sailboat and being out at sea for months and months. We were out on the Pacific for a year. It was fishing for your own food, trading with villagers who live on the coastline, and learning how to survive. It was a crazy adventure.

What’s your absolute favorite hotel in the world and why?

I’d probably say La Sirenuse. It’s in Positano, Italy. I love the views, the food, the classic architecture, and the amazing buildings on the cliffside of the Amalfi Coast. It’s like being in a period piece movie.

What exciting trips do you have coming up this year?

I’ll be in New York, Chicago, and Florida this year. It’s business and pleasure. I’m visiting Sarah in New York. I’m working in Chicago. I’m hoping to run this triathalon in Miami Beach.

What upcoming projects do you have for 2019?

I’ve got my new movie “Making Babies,” which opens March 29. I’ve always wanted to work with Eliza Coupe, my co-star. It’s a different role for me, and I’m really excited for people to see it. I’ve also got a podcast I’m working on with Shanola Hampton.

Last but not least, what is the most “shameless” thing you’ve ever done while traveling?

Swimming naked in Cabo San Lucas. I walked onto the beach with no swimsuit and wrapped myself in a towel in front of everybody. I guess that was pretty shameless.

Additional photos courtesy of Steve Howey