Villa Tre Ville: The Crown Jewel of the Amalfi Coast

Years ago, Villa Tre Ville in Positano, Italy was the home of distinguished opera director Franco Zeffirelli. Now, major renovations have transformed this exceptional property into an extravagant villa that is available for rent. Located on the sea among the village of Positano and Hotel San Pietro, Villa Tre Ville offers definitive privacy in four separate deluxe villas.

The Villa Azzurra The Villa Azzurra consist of astonishing suites starting with the Downes Suite. Named after American journalist Donald Downes, it focuses on simplicity to match the echoing tones of the water. The Diaghilev Suite, on the first floor of the house, is named after Sergie Diaghilev, who is a regular guest of Villa Tre Ville and the founder of the Ballet Russes. The suite is adorned with seashells, antiques and mirrors. The Massine Suite is dedicated to Russian dancer and choreographer Leonide Massine. Striking earth tones and a combination of 19th century furnishings fill this eclectic suite. It is complete with an elegant drawing room, a grandiose Roman style bathroom, painted ceilings and fine art work by local artist Paolo Sandulli.

The Villa Bianca Villa Bianca offers the most spacious and impressive suite on the property, the Maestro Zeffirelli Suite. With a drawing room, dining room, three bedrooms and a bathroom, the suite also has numerous terraces. The furnishings, selected to honor to the Italian filmmaker, are distinctive: furniture in Louis XVI style, stunning lamps by Orsina Sforza, appliqués and lights by Van Der Straeten and a gorgeous dining table of American design, with unique seating from the 1970s by Pantonova.

The Villa Rosa Featuring two distinctive suites, the Villa Rosa offers the Bernstein Suite, devoted to the American composer Leonard Bernstein. The room, which faces a captivating view to be enjoyed from the terrace, is decorated with Oriental and Mediterranean furnishings.

The Nijinsky Suite, named for dancer and choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky, pays tribute to the Russian style of the early 20th century and to the artists he adored. It is furnished with early 20th-century pieces in a graceful, melodious interchange between white and pink. The suite is marked by the steady existence of a star, present in the coverings, in the motifs and in the furnishings.

The Villa Tre Pini The Villa Tre Pini is home to five extravagant suites. The Romeo and Juliet Suite is one of the most romantic suites of Villa Tre Ville. With a private view of the island of Li Galli, the suite is adorned with vases from Vietri and works of art, including photographer Daniele Patriarca and painter Natalya Goncharova.

The Mediterranean is the inspiration for the Aida Suite, with a wide variety of light-blues and Arabic embellishments in typical Positano fashion create an warm atmosphere.

Genuine Oriental elegance has been adopted for the Turandot Suite, distinguished by an alcove with drapes and fabrics in Oriental colors and 19th century Indian collages showing love scenes. Yellow and orange materials, characteristic of Naples, comprise the defining ingredient of the Carmen Suite, ornamented with works of art by Paolo Sandulli. The Norma Suite offers a masterful marine ambiance created by original furnishings, fine fabrics and miniatures with tools of the sea as theme.