Faena Debuts Newest Show—Samsara Cabaret At Faena Theatre

Faena Samsara CabaretPhoto Credit: Faena Miami Beach

The glamorous Faena Theatre is back again as it continues to stun with its revolutionary performance programming that rotates seasonally. On Thursday, November 8th, the grand theatre debuted its newest production—Samsara Cabaret—with an awe-inspiring, dark and sultry performance. The name and show itself draw inspiration from the Sanskrit word “samsara,” referencing rebirth, karmic reincarnation and life’s constant change.

Faena Samsara CabaretPhoto Credit: Faena Miami Beach

The talented performers demonstrate the dramatic theme with stunning visuals, contemporary dance, cirque nouveau, state-of-the-art technology and moving vocals and live music from America’s Got Talent semi-finalist Yoli Mayorviolinist Shane Borth, cellist Ben Munoz. Sensatia stars Megan Stockman, EnVee and Samanta Mixan also carried the show with jaw-dropping performances and unmatched talent. 

Faena Samsara CabaretPhoto Credit: Faena Miami Beach

In contrast to the previous Sensatia show at the Faena Theatre, Samsara Cabaret plays with a much darker yet equally seductive theme, somehow managing to surpass all expectations of the extraordinarily talented team with alluring acts told through smoke and light, fire and energy.

Faena Samsara CabaretPhoto Credit: Faena Miami Beach

As to be expected, Faena brought on an all-star team to create the memorable show, including Christan Squires as Director, Anthony Magliano as Founder & Creative Director, Shane Borth as Musical Director & Arranger, Robert Dekkers as Choreographer, Mika Thomas as Executive Producer, and Hollie Hermes, Wrara Plesoi, and Ali Khemi as Costume Designers, that all help create the full effect of the exciting experience.

Faena Samsara CabaretPhoto Credit: Faena Miami Beach

On opening night, A-listers packed the beautiful, red grand ballroom in anticipation of the grand debut, including Ryan Phillippe, Alan Faena, Adriana de Moura, Christina Getty, JP Cappello, Hellô Campos, Sam Robin, Iran Issa-khan, Louis and Angela Birdman, Typoe, Andreea Baclea and Lester Prosper, Alan and Ruth Zelcer, Angeles Almuna, Gabriela Medina, Gary and Dana Shear, Ashley Turchin, Sean Donaldson, Jasmine Tosh Stewart, Danie Gomez-Ortigoza and Carlos Betancourt.

Angela & Louis Birdman1
Angela & Louis Birdman

Photo Credit: World Red Eye  Samsara Cabaret is set to run through May 2019 featuring a 9:00 p.m. show on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Friday and Saturday, guests can elevate the experience for the ultimate date night or group outing by reserving for dinner + a show. Tickets begin at $55 and can be purchased online at www.faenatheater.com and www.Ticketmaster.com. For additional information please visit www.faenatheater.com or call +1 786-655-5741.

Sam Robin, Iran Issa Khan, & Andreea Baclea1
Sam Robin, Iran Issa Khan, & Andreea Baclea

Photo Credit: World Red Eye