Who Is Eric M.?

The secret is out—for any and all your high-end nightlife needs, Eric M.—or Eric Mastantuono, as he is more formally known—has become the go-to guy, especially among celebrities and the world’s most coveted VIPs. Knowing him is critical if you want the best nightlife experience, especially with his track record to date.


Born and raised in Marseille, France, Eric M. graduated from hospitality college and later served in the army for one year, per French law, where, as a cook for the officers, he realized he was interested in entering and making a mark in the worlds of public relations and entertainment. In the late 1990’s, he was hired a server at one of the most trendy and exclusive nightclubs in the world called VIP Room in St. Tropez, and a few quick years later, Eric M. was promoted to manager, and soon after, became Director.  


At VIP Room, Eric M. was putting together extraordinary events and organizing the club’s marketing strategy to improve its overall image and its communication to its clients. As Director for 17 years of the overall organization, which had locations in St. Tropez, Cannes and Monaco, Eric M. foraged relationships with some of the most influential people in the world, who continue to turn to him as the point person for all things luxury nightlife. This includes Stephen Curry, Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest.


He was also responsible for several brand-building strategies that catapulted VIP Room into becoming a globally-recognized institution. For instance, he was instrumental in creating the annual VIP Room pop-ups during the Cannes Film Festival and in Monaco during Formula One. Additionally, he organized an event with the app Tinder—unknown at the time—and with Alec Monopoly—also less known in Europe at the time—on a live art performance, which was an extraordinarily memorable moment.


As his career progressed, Eric M. ended up opening his own restaurant in Marseille called BO, which quickly became one of the best in town, and later moved to Miami, working as the Executive Director of SET nightclub, leading its marketing, public relations and communication. Using his wealth of experience in the European market, Eric M. made unprecedented, but incredibly impactful adaptations that led to the organization’s growth and success, bringing in a new wave of VIP clientele and some of the top DJs in the world, just a few months after Eric M. joined the SET team.


Today, Eric M. is the Director of Development for Bagatelle Worldwide, traveling between the brand’s multiple, worldwide locations to activate his impressive clientele and developing his global VIP database—a network he single-handedly put together with a vetting process for all members, ensuring they are properly suited for the highly coveted community. He works with accepted members directly, organizing their personal travel and ensuring they receive the ultimate VIP experience, no matter where they go. 


Eric M.’s Travel Picks

St. Tropez

I have been spending every summer in St. Tropez for the past 20 years, it is definitely my second home. A few years ago the restaurant L’Opera opened on the harbor and since then it has become the place to be for the party people that want to have a nice dinner, with a show and a real club experience. David, the owner, will take great care of you. One of my other favorites is called Brasserie des Arts. It is a must-go destination during your trip in the village. Also, last year La Petite Plage opened, which was previously called L’Escale. It was a huge—and deserve—success with amazing food and a great selection of 80’s and 90’s music. Purely food wise, one of my favorite picks is L’Auberge des Maures, where you will find an unbeatable provencal-style food selection, and you’ll bed welcome by the owners themselves. The VIP Room is still one of the best, from my point of view, for the past 20 years. You can’t go wrong with having dinner in it’s restaurant Gioia, which serves delicious italian food in a cosy garden, and finishing the night in the nightclub, which was completely remodeled few years ago. Jean-Roch Pedri will be there all night to welcome you.


Lío restaurant is a truly a must-go place in Ibiza. They have a stunning show with more than 20 performers every night, with an equally stunning sea view overlooking the old town of Ibiza. It’s a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. Heart Ibiza also provides a unique, live dinner experience. As soon as you walk into this place, you feel like you enter in another universe full of surprises, with molecular food and crazy performances. Don’t miss out on this one! Of course, Cipriani is the place where every one makes a nightly appearance. It’s the perfect spot to see and to be seen. This is where you will meet your friends, or bump into the people that you didn’t even know were on the island. If you are looking for something not too fancy, I like to go and eat some amazing bucatini cacio e pepe at Piccola Cucina.


To be honest, the freshly opened Bagatelle is truly my favorite spot in the city now. It offers a mix of all the most successful worldwide venues and is a new concept for London, elevating the dinner-party experience. The food is gorgeous and the energy is unbeatable.The downstairs VIP lounge is already the favorite spot for the celebrities to organize private events. For me, Annabel’s is the most exclusive place I have never been to. You need to be member to get the chance to see this crazy and beautiful place, which was also freshly remodeled (for a cool 55 million)… If you are lucky enough to get to see it, you won’t forget it. Novikov is also the London place to see and to be seen… with two restaurants in one (italian and Japanese), you won’t go there without saying hello to half of the room. In only two years, Kadie’s Club became the most successful “secret” cocktail bar in Mayfair. This place is loved by the models, while the very English/sexy décor gives you the feeling of being in a private hidden room. Top notch!


Bâoli has been the place in Cannes and it still is. With its new rooftop bar that opened last year, they definitely added something special, as it has a gorgeous panoramic view on the Port Canto.They also book the best DJs, which helps them maintain their number one ranking in the city. But I must say, my favorite restaurant in the world is Michelangelo Mamo. Located in the old Antibes, 20 minutes away from Cannes, this is the place you definitely don’t want to miss during your stay in Côte d’Azur. The charismatic Mamo—the owner—will welcome you as is you were one of his family members, helping you discover the best specialities of the restaurant and making you laugh until you cry, all without speaking even one word of English! This is the place were you will see the entire Hollywood scene, but more importantly, where you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Also, not too long ago, twin brothers Antoine and Ugo Lecorche, after working for about 10 years in Bâoli, decided to open their own business called La Môme. It’s a smash hit! The restaurant became one of the top places to be in the city. They always provide a warm welcome, world-class service, delicious food and great energy, making this part of my top three in Cannes.


For decades, the legendary Sass Café is the place to be in Monaco. You cannot go to Monte Carlo without going there. This iconic place is at capacity even days a week and welcomes the most influent people in the world. Freshly opened last year, Coya also quickly became one of the places to be in Monaco. It has beautiful decorations, a gorgeous sea view and tasty Peruvian fusion food, all of which are the perfect ingredients in this recipe for a top spot in Monaco. This year, Flavio Briatore opened his new venue, where Zelo’s once was. Twiga is a beautiful place with a breathtaking sea view. This restaurant becomes a nightclub after dinner, and as a bonus, you will surely meet Flavio himself with his friends almost every night.

St. Barth

Bagatelle on the island of St. Barth is truly magical. Smaller than its counterparts, many personalities take residence there during the Christmas holiday, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Robin Thicke, the Dsquared2 brothers and more. The food is incredible and the ambiance is over-the-top. L’Isoletta is also one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever been to. The place is packed seven days a week and unless you know someone who knows someone, who knows someone, etc., you won’t be able to get a table. You may as well put in your reservation now for a table in 2020, just to be safe. Bonito just reopened a few weeks ago too, after the Hurricane Irma disaster. It still is one of the best places on the island, especially with its hilltop location and unbeatable view of the gorgeous Gustavia Harbor. And of course, the food is always on point. Le Ti St. Barth is the most iconic place on the island. The indescribable and charismatic owner, Nicole, runs the show in this unique hotspot with memorable performances to create the most unforgettable memories of your stay.

All photos courtesy of Eric Mastantuono.