Bass Museum Debuts Night At The Museum With W South Beach

Installation view destefashioncollection: 1 to 8

Installation view
destefashioncollection: 1 to 8

Photo Credit: Matthew Monteith

Two of the biggest players in art and hospitality in Miami Beach have come together to form one extraordinary partnership: The W South Beach and the Bass Museum. With their close proximity to one another being just a quick walk across the street away, the partnership is the perfect way to enhance the art and culture of both properties to an even greater level than what is already there.

The stately W South Beach has always been a hub for the arts, housing a multi-million dollar contemporary art collection curated by billionaire Aby Rosen. It’s only fitting that the posh hotel brand would take one step further by forming an exclusive partnership with The Bass, Miami’s contemporary art museum.

Installation view destefashioncollection: 1 to 8
Installation view
destefashioncollection: 1 to 8

Photo Credit: Matthew Monteith

The collaboration is the first of its kind for the W South Beach, and paves the way for continuous educational program development at The Bass that enriches the hotel guest experience with exciting new art and cultural programming.

The partnership debuted on April 27th as the duo hosted The Bass’ highly-anticipated spring fundraiser, Night at the Museum, which showcased two brand-new exhibition series featuring DestefashionCollection 1 to 8 and Laure Prouvost I They Are Waiting For You. The powerful displays were crafted by the talented Edwin Chan. The first showcases a capsule project reflecting formal, representational, material and social economies that circulate between art and fashion from the years 2007-2014. The latter includes videos, installations, paintings and tapestries that stray from the ordinary and instead craft sensual environments embedded with playful language that causes the viewers to grapple between imagination and reality. Both compelling and provocative exhibitions will be on display through September 2nd, 2018 at the museum.

Laure Prouvost: They Are Waiting for You
Visual Arts, Exhibitions. Laure Prouvost: They Are Waiting for You
Curators: Victoria Sung with Gwyneth Shanks.

Photo Credit: Gene Pittman for Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.

Following the grand debut of the new series and the celebratory evening, guests continued the party across the street at the W’s famed nightlife destination, WALL.

Driven by the hotel’s eclectic, artistic and nonconformist guests, the new partnership offers hotel guests and VIP residents complimentary access to programs and events at The Bass, which recently emerged from a $12 million transformation. Experiences and programs include:

  • Complimentary admission to the museum for all hotel guests
  • Complimentary guided tours of the museum’s exhibitions by dedicated art scholars from The Bass’ education department
  • Access to the exhibition opening receptions
  • Access to monthly, evening social events throughout the summer at The Bass
  • Access to weekly family, kids and teen programs that encourage art appreciation across all ages, including Bass Babies, Art Classes for Kids, Teen Art Classes, as well as the monthly Art After Hours program for adults
  • Complimentary enrollment in seasonal Art Camps for children
  • Access to the Creativity Center’s drop-in studio where guests can learn to interpret the artwork and enjoy individual Art Scavenger Hunt Kits, which challenges them to explore the pieces throughout the museum