3 Navy Pier Experiences For Chicagoans This Summer

afternoon-america-architecture-161963Photo Credit: Pixabay

Warmer temperatures have finally arrived, Chicago! While it’s not officially summer yet, the warmer weather sure makes up for the previous long cold months this year.

While you’re filling up your calendar with Chicago fun activities, save a spot for one of the city’s famous landmarks, Navy Pier.

Many consider Navy Pier to be a tourist spot, however, it’s something the locals shouldn’t shy away from as there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We’ve put to together 3 experiences for our elite Haute Living readers.

Dining Cruise

blur-bokeh-close-up-225228Photo Credit: picjumbo.com from Pexels

On a nice summer day, nothing sounds better than being on Lake Michigan with food, cocktails and a first class view of the Chicago skyline. You have the option to customize your experience and upgrade to a window table to make the experience more enjoyable. And who doesn’t love a window seat? If you’re cruising on a Wednesday and Saturday evening, you’ll also be able to catch the fireworks show.  

While there are many dining cruises to choose from at different times of the day, here are the two that we suggest:

Odyssey Brunch Cruise  – Dress up in your favorite elegant attire and enjoy a two-hour brunch cruise with a delicious menu while creating memories on the Odyssey’s rooftop lounge.

Odyssey Dinner Cruise  –  For a more romantic evening, a 2-3 hour seasonally inspired three-course plated dinner cruise with Odyssey might be more suitable.

Shakespeare Theater

audience-auditorium-back-view-713149Photo Credit: Monica Silvestre from Pexels

Navy Pier offers vibrant world-class performances at Chicago’s Shakespeare Theater. This performing arts venue really reflects the work and mastermind of William Shakespeare. If you’re a literature fan, it’ll be worth the trip. You can never go wrong with a powerful performance of Macbeth by, of course, playwright William Shakespeare. The costumes and stage setting, alone, will have you mesmerized.

Another popular choice at the theater is the witty production of Waiting for Godot, by playwright Samuel Beckett. Experience modern literature come to life in one of the most acclaimed plays of the 20th century.

The Crystal Gardens

aquatic-beautiful-bloom-539694Photo Credit: Diego Madrigal from Pexels

While you’re admiring the lakefront outside of Navy Pier, take a step inside and relax at the Crystal Gardens, which is operated by Phil Stefani Signature Restaurants. The beautiful indoor, one-acre-botanical garden with unique flowers, 80 live palm trees and dancing ‘leapfrog’ fountains sets a zen-like tone in a stunning six‐story glass atrium with a 50-foot arched ceiling.

The Crystal Gardens also has a beautiful space for weddings and other special events and can accommodate groups of 100 to 1,500 guests.