What To Expect When The World’s Most Exclusive Boutique, Bijan, Opens In Las Vegas

127H-03-0078Photo Credit: Ethan Pine

The House of Bijan—the most exclusive and expensive men’s designer in the world—has sat at the heart of Rodeo Drive for the last 40 year (with heir Nicolas Bijan Pakzad‘s custom-made Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport parked outside as a local Beverly Hills landmark).  Now the family-owned company, which was founded and created by the late, great Bijan Pakzad, which caters to royalty, international diplomats, billionaires, and the last five sitting US Presidents, is coming to Las Vegas.

The stunning new location inside the Wynn Hotel & Casino will echo the decor of Bijan’s iconic Rodeo Drive villa, and will offer the finest mens apparel in the world, including handmade suits and casual wear, as well as crocodile travel accessories, diamond encrusted watches, fine jewelry, fragrance, and limited edition car collaborations with Bugatti and Rolls-Royce.

On May 6, the new House of Bijan will proudly open it’s doors and cater to the world’s highest rollers. We sat down with Nicolas, who is carrying on the family’s legacy, to chat about what to expect from the new Sin City location and what his youthful, 26-year-old touch is bringing to the timeless brand.



Why did you decide to open a second location?

Over the past six years, the Bijan brand has expanded and evolved due to the high demand for our luxury products. We wanted Bijan to be more accessible to our clients as many of them are visiting Las Vegas more often than Beverly Hills. Las Vegas is only a 45-minute plane ride away, so we felt it was a natural place to open a new boutique due to the close proximity between Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.

Why specifically did you decide Las Vegas would be the right choice?

Las Vegas is becoming a frequent destination for our clients — it is very synonymous with the qualities that Bijan stands for: luxury, color, service and exclusivity. These qualities are what clients expect from Las Vegas and Bijan, so naturally they pair well together.

How did you decide on The Wynn? Did Steve Wynn approach you or vice versa? 

My relationship with Mr. Wynn began years ago as he was speaking with my late father about the possibility of opening a boutique in Las Vegas. As I more recently re-connected with Mr. Wynn, we hand-picked this location together in the Fairway Villa Esplanade of the Wynn hotel, which are reserved for the Wynn’s most prestigious clients. Our vision for the Boutique was to feel exclusive and luxurious, so the location felt very fitting for the House of Bijan. The Wynn is one of the most beautiful and elegant properties in Las Vegas and we are very excited to be there.

How does the vibe of Sin City inspire the design process?

The overall design is more contemporary and colorful as we are competing with some of the most beautiful boutiques, hotels, and flower displays from all over the world. The Bijan brand is well-known for the vibrant colors and extravagant garments, so it was important to showcase these features as many hotel guests walk by the Boutique. To attract the attention of possible clients, we wanted to design a Boutique that is eye-catching. We designed the boutique with a white color scheme, similar to a beautiful jewelry box, which is very bright in comparison to our signature Bijan yellow. We removed the doors off of our usual private collections and opened up these colorful combinations to guests walking by.

What Vegas landmark fits most with your brand?

The Wynn Hotel is the perfect example of what fits with our brand. The Wynn is the highest quality, most exclusive, most expensive hotel in Las Vegas and many of our clients are also clients of the Wynn. When traveling to The Wynn, guests can find beautiful artwork by Jeff Koons along with hundreds of fresh flowers arrangements. The House of Bijan has a similar feel as there is artwork by Botero as well as fresh flowers in all areas of the Boutique, including in the dress cabinets. It is an experience to be at the Wynn Hotel just as it is an experience to shop at the House of Bijan.


What can we expect from the new store? What sort of details can you share?

We have many new collections that are exclusive to Las Vegas, including beautiful leather jackets and backgammon sets. People travel to Las Vegas to enjoy themselves and conduct business meetings, so guests can expect to see both suits and more leather items.

How will it be different to the Rodeo Drive location? What will remain the same?

For the first time in 40 years, we are not by appointment. At the Wynn boutique, you are able to walk in and interact with our merchandise, learn about Bijan without having an appointment. The Bijan store at the Wynn is a smaller version of the Rodeo Drive location, however the quality, exclusivity and attention to detail found in all of our collections will remain the same. The Las Vegas Boutique will have the same beautiful 16 ft tall mahogany door as the Rodeo Drive location. We are working on installing a Bijan chandelier with 1,000 bottles of perfume similar to the one we have on Rodeo drive.

Do you have any special plans for the store’s opening celebration?

Our grand opening will be May 6th 2018 which is the same weekend as Cinco de Mayo and the highly anticipated Gennady Golovkin (GGG) world championship boxing match. This is one of the biggest weekends in Las Vegas, so we hope to welcome all of our clients from around the world for our special event. The grand opening celebration will be the night after the big fight with Gennady Golovkin being our guest of honour. Furthermore, since it is Cinco de Mayo weekend His Excellency Mr. Juan Beckmann, owner of Jose Cuervo and Maestro Dobel, is making a Limited Edition Bijan Tequilla from his family’s private reserve to commemorate the opening of Bijan Las Vegas.

Will you sell products that are specific to the Las Vegas location?

We are introducing some new products that are exclusive to the Vegas location. We are also working on making first-time products such as alligator sneakers and more causal pieces that people can wear while they are on vacation.

Why do you think the luxury market is so important today?

Many items today are produced in countries that are less expensive to manufacture, leaving out an emphasis on quality. The Bijan brand only produces high quality, exclusive items and I think there is a growing appetite for that in the luxury business. The luxury business is a ever-changing market, but I believe it is important to stick to this level of exclusivity, detail and quality.


How does the Bijan aesthetic gel with Las Vegas?

Bijan is a brand that was founded on exclusivity, attention to detail, and the best quality service in the world. Some of the best and most exclusive hotels in America are located in Las Vegas, so the Bijan aesthetic fits in well with the city.

What would your dad think of a new store in Las Vegas?

My father loved Beverly Hills and being in California, but he also loved traveling to Las Vegas and always stayed at the Wynn. He had the utmost respect for Mr. Wynn after knowing each other for many decades. I think he would be very happy to see their plan being implemented and seeing his name in the most beautiful hotel in one of the most famous cities worldwide.

What are your favorite spots to eat, play and stay in Las Vegas?

-I love staying at the Fairway Villas at the Wynn. They are the most magnificent rooms that make you feel engulfed in the Las Vegas culture. What I love the most is the glamour, luxury and exclusivity of the rooms, with the ability to gaze over the beautiful balcony that overlooks the decadent gardens. My favorite restaurant and dining experience is the SW Steakhouse in the Wynn. I don’t gamble that often but when I do I love to play baccarat in the Wynn.

Where do you shop (aside from the House of Bijan) when you’re in town?

I love to visit the shopping areas and see all the different stores you can’t see in Beverly Hills. Shopping wise I stick to Bijan.

What, in your opinion, is the greatest luxury in life?

The greatest luxury in life is the ability to work hard and enjoy the luxuries of life that you have earned. Having a healthy balance between working hard and enjoying oneself is important, which is why Las Vegas is special place.