Luxe French Label Sezane Brings A Little Bit Of Paris To The Grove

Sezane_Grove_Pop_Up_Stephanie_Liu_Hjelmeseth_Honey_Silk-12Photo Credit: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Luxury French label Sezane is bringing the magic and romance of springtime in Paris to LA with its new month-long pop-up shop at The Grove. “California has an effortless lifestyle aspect that is also very French,” founder Morgane Sézalory shared in a statement. “I love the energy of the West, it’s always evolving, so after opening our first U.S. store in New York last year, now is the perfect time for us to venture out to LA.”

The chic shop, which opens March 7 and runs through the first week of April, makes shoppers feel like they’ve been transported to a Parisian garden. Decor details include handcrafted millwork, lighting fixtures flown in from France, a fresh flower market by Farmgirl, and a handmade silk floral installation by Floratorium.

Inside the airy boutique, shoppers will find the brand’s pre-spring collection of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories–think floral dresses and breezy blouses–all handpicked by Sézalory with the California woman in mind.

Swing by the first week of the pop-up’s opening and you’ll receive a custom watercolor print with a French quote as a gift with purchase.


Sezane_Grove_Pop_Up_Stephanie_Liu_Hjelmeseth_Honey_Silk-3Photo Credit: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Sezane_Grove_Pop_Up_Stephanie_Liu_Hjelmeseth_Honey_Silk-4Photo Credit: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Sezane_Grove_Pop_Up_Stephanie_Liu_Hjelmeseth_Honey_Silk-6Photo Credit: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Sezane_Grove_Pop_Up_Stephanie_Liu_Hjelmeseth_Honey_Silk-7Photo Credit: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Sezane_Grove_Pop_Up_Stephanie_Liu_Hjelmeseth_Honey_Silk-11Photo Credit: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Sezane_Grove_Pop_Up_Stephanie_Liu_Hjelmeseth_Honey_Silk-9Photo Credit: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth