Sheryl Lowe Shares The Philanthropic Inspiration Behind Her Jewelry Line

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Sheryl Lowe clearly loves beautiful things. In addition to being married to Hollywood heartthrob Rob Lowe, the Santa Barbara-based former makeup artist is now the tour-de-force behind an eponymous line of fine jewelry, which can best be described as eclectic, effortlessly glamorous, wearable art. Sheryl’s designs are handcrafted in her Santa Barbara studio and inspired by her travels to exotic locales. The brand itself is an expression of Sheryl’s free-spirit and strength, reflecting the energy and power of nature’s raw elements set in sterling silver and 14K gold.

Her philanthropic nature always reveals itself through her pieces, with a portion of the proceeds donated to women’s and children’s organizations such as The Malala Fund and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement (charities both Sheryl and Rob—this year’s UNICEF Global Philanthropist Award winners support, which also include the Dream Foundation and Best Buddies, as well as those benefiting shelter animals and military personnel and their families). Here, Sheryl chats about the inspiration behind her jewels, how her husband inspires her work, and the greatest luxuries in life.


1. How specifically does Santa Barbara inspire your designs?
I’m a native Californian and Santa Barbara was always one of my favorite places. I would visit often growing up. I love that it is both beautiful and rugged; sophisticated and understated. I love the sense of community and ultimately I am inspired by daily living so close to both the mountains and the ocean. I love that in one day I can hike in the mountains and cool off with an ocean swim.
2. In the past, you were a makeup artist. When and how did you discover that you had a talent for jewelry making as well? 
I was born with a love and passion for design. I used to paint fingerprints on my jeans when I was 10 years old. All my friends wanted them. I made T-Shirts in jr. high school; then later in high school I would create beachy jewelry pieces for my friends. I have always been designing. Going from designing a make-up line to jewelry was a natural progression for me. I am a visualist and when I look at a face or when I look at a gemstone I have a vision of how I would like it to look.
3.How do your travels inspire your pieces?
My creative inspiration comes from my life, love and friendship. I am inspired by different cultures and people who I encounter during my travels. Everywhere I go I bring a piece back with me whether it is through inspiration or actual stones.
4.Can you share a favorite recent travel memory and how it inspired a specific piece?
Sardinia inspired mixed stone bracelets made with turquoise, aquamarines and green opals.


5. Does your husband inspire your work? If so, how so, and in what other ways does he inspire you on a daily basis? 
I am inspired by Rob’s hard work, dedication and passion for his craft. He is always learning and taking chances; something we both have in common. He is my #1 cheerleader and I am his. We’ve been friends and in love for over 30 years so we have each others backs. We are truly blessed. And we would both agree that our greatest creations are our sons, Matthew and Johnowen.
6.Tell us about the philanthropic elements behind your pieces. 
I was inspired by my dear friend Maria Shriver to have a voice and stand up for women’s and children’s causes. She encouraged me to create my company and to dedicate a portion of my proceeds to giving back. Sheryl Lowe Jewelry does so through The Malala Fund, The Dream Foundation, Unicef and many others over the years.
7. What to you is the greatest luxury in life? 
I consider so many things luxuries in my life. Having girl friends who spiritually inspire me. Raising my boys in Santa Barbara. Getting to spend time all together with my family. I also love getting to see my artistic vision come to life and appreciated when I see someone wearing one of my pieces.
Rob and Sheryl Lowe
Rob and Sheryl Lowe

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