Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer Spills All His Anti-Aging Secrets


Dr. Harold Lancer is who celebrities go to when they need to get their skin camera-ready. He counts Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lawrence as some of his loyal clients. Here, the Beverly Hills skincare guru and founder of Lancer Skincare tells us about his signature Lancer Method, how to prevent signs of aging, and the best diet for red carpet-worthy skin.

Tell us about the Lancer Method. What does it entail and what makes it so effective?

The first step is to exfoliate or polish, which is the key to the Lancer Method resulting in various anti-aging benefits. By polishing first, it helps to provide a more thorough cleansing. The Polish product uses physical exfoliation beads and fruit enzymes to gently and effectively remove dull, dry surface cells.

Cleansing the skin after polishing allows for the debris that have been lifted by the exfoliation process to be fully swept away, and skin is better prepared to receive further treatments. I often compare this action to refinishing a tile floor. You need to first chisel away the old, worn out tiles before you sweep away the debris and lay down the fresh, new floor.

Once the skin has properly been exfoliated and thoroughly cleansed, finish with the Nourish to boost skin’s hydration levels.

What are some common skincare mistakes and how can they be corrected?

A common mistake people make is not being under the care of a board-certified dermatologist even if you’re not undergoing regular treatment for a specific issue. There’s a tendency to trivialize dermatology but it’s really important to see your dermatologist once or twice a year to ensure overall health and consult them when concerns arise.

Second is not maintaining a regular at-home skincare program that includes daytime SPF application and advanced treatments to target specific concerns.

Lastly, it’s not taking into account measures like stress reduction, regular exercise, proper sleep habits, diet, and relaxation. What you eat, how you live, and the way you treat your body will show if not now, then later in life, and these critical aspects of lifestyle management will drive overall good health and youthful look of the skin.

What’s the number one thing women should be doing to halt signs of aging?

It’s a combination of things that need to be taken into consideration. First is hygiene–having a home skincare routine in place is an important practice. Nutrition, exercise, and relaxation are also critical aspects that will go a long way in slowing the signs of aging.

What type of diet do you recommend for maintaining youthful, glowing skin?

Poor nutrition will reflect on the skin. Increase your good body fats intake to 40%; increase your protein to 40%; and the remaining 20% carbs are mostly leafy green vegetables as opposed to fruits. Cut out salt, dairy, caffeine, and increase your water intake.

 What are your tips for getting your skin in tiptop shape quickly for a big event?

You want to first ensure that your daily and nightly skincare regimens are tuned up and delivering the results you need. You want to also consider whether your diet and lifestyle are supporting your skincare regimen. Cutting out excessively salty foods and processed carbs will help reduce bloating in the face and body, and increasing your daily water intake will keep skin even and glowing. Adding foods to your diet that are rich in healthy fats, like salmon, avocado, almonds and olive oil will help support skin hydration from the inside out.