Eagles Defeat The Patriots And Win Their First Ever Super Bowl

Eagles Beat The Patriots Winning Their First Ever Super BowlPhoto Credit: @Philadelphiaeagles Instagram

From underdogs to Super Bowl champs: The Philadelphia Eagles win for the first time in the history of the franchise with Nick Foles at the forefront.

It was just last year that Foles was going to retire from professional football. Now, Foles is a Super Bowl champion and received the Most Valuable Player award for Super Bowl LII leading the Eagles 41-33. At the same time, he caught his first ever receiving touchdown.

The Eagles defense was impeccable, even those who cheered on for the Patriots can agree.

The Patriots fought a hard and great game until the very end but were unlucky in the fourth quarter when Tom Brady was forced to fumble the ball.

Congratulations to the Patriots for making it to the Super Bowl once more and a re-emphasis of congratulations to the new Super Bowl LII champions, the Philadelphia Eagles!