Commonwealth’s “Gatsby” Event Raised $6,000 For Two Charities

Commonwealth Great Gatsby Las Vegas Haute Living Tita CarraPhoto Credits: Commonwealth

Why a Great Gatsby theme? Well, Jay Gatsby was wealthy and generous. Those who hosted and attended the “A Knight With Gatsby” event are just a generous if not more.

Many see Gatsby as a glorified bootlegger but I believe he was a servant of the people. His generosity was reserved for extravagant parties and quenching the thirst of moonshine aficionados. Illegally might I add, but it’s charity in a way.

Commonwealth Great Gatsby Las Vegas Haute Living Tita Carra

All jokes aside, Commonwealth in Las Vegas is influenced by the very same prohibition era a fictional character like Gatsby economically benefited from. But unlike him, Commonwealth’s generosity surpasses entertainment and serving boozy (LEGAL) cocktails.

They, along with courtesy bites from STK Las Vegas, hosted and fed guests to help benefit the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation and The Tyler Robinson Foundation. Together, they raised $6,000 with each foundation receiving $3,000.

Commonwealth Great Gatsby Las Vegas Haute Living Tita Carra

Unfortunately, Coco Chanel nor Ernest Hemingway or Jay Gatsby himself made a special appearance. Commonwealth, though charitable, does not possess the Book of Amun Ra to summon the dead or the fictional. Their friends the Vegas Golden Knights Cheerleaders and the Vegas Golden Knights Mascot, however, did make a special appearance.

Now, about that speakeasy that’s hidden within your property: When are you inviting me over?