LUST HAVES: Sneakers That Work With Any Terrain



Living in New York means constantly staying on the go. Between the gym and work and drinks with a friend, finding shoes that can traverse everything from steps on the subway to steps on the elliptical can be a challenging task. With the holiday season here at last, the New Zealand footwear company Allbirds is hitting its stride with the answer to these needs.

Allbirds sneakers have blown up in New York. With their wool upper layer, cushioned rubber base, and neutral toned color palates, the sneakers are perfectly interchangeable for everything from taking the garbage out at night to going for a run in the morning. The chic look of the sneakers is also a great balance between stylish enough to get away with at the office. The city’s temperatures continue to drop, and the wool creates a great insularly layer in the shoes that keep feet warm as can be. The quality of the Merino wool being used in the shoes also makes them great for indoor use, like the gym, because the fabric wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin and minimizes odor—making them great for warm-weather sockless seasons to come.


The shoes are insanely comfortable, minimalist in design, soft to the touch, and a great price just under $100.00. Unlike the entirety of the sneaker market these days too, Allbirds offers a thirty-day guarantee where you can return shoes if you’re not as stoked on them as we were. While the wool runners have taken the city by storm as the sneaker of choice for those looking for comfort and design, the wool loungers are soft slippers that make for the perfect house shoe after popping the clunky boots and dress shoes off after a long day.