Live Ultimate CEO Marc Wachter’s Mission To Change The World

Marc Wachter

CEO Offers Insight On His Own Fountain Of Youth Elixir That He Believes Will Help Change Lives.

Sitting in his Lincoln Road office in Miami Beach, Live Ultimate CEO Marc Wachter is on a mission, he says. His goal? He’s going to change the world, one person at a time. The attorney and wealth planner-turned health-style entrepreneur has, he says, developed an elixir that will offer his customers a real-life fountain of youth through a proprietary blend of superfoods and super greens that he has sourced from the farthest stretches of the globe.

“This formula is one that I’ve been researching and taking daily for over 20 years. And now, at 51, I’m convinced that it has had a profound impact on my health, physical appearance and overall well being,” explains Wachter. “At launch, we’ve already gained the attention of world-class athletes, business moguls, and other insiders who recognize that our bodies are our most valuable assets and need to be honored as such.”

The Ultimate Elixir, which launched last November, is part of a brand that has been developing over the past five years. It joins the company’s natural, luxe botanical skincare line which has received rave reviews and award recognition, earning the safest ratings on Environmental Working Group’s SkinDeep Database and generating a celebrity following, including top actors and models. There was more, though, to the beauty market for Wachter.

“True beauty comes from the inside out. If you are staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet that’s rich in nutrients, you’ll find your skin tone will improve, your hair and nails become healthier, you’ll look and feel less bloated, and most importantly – you will feel and be healthier and more energetic.”

Wachter set out to formulate an elixir that would bring to fruition his vision of achieving beauty and wellness from the inside-out, complementing his all natural, award-winning skincare line which provides wellness and beauty from the outside in. As part of the company’s True North, Wachter proudly speaks of Live Ultimate’s “uncompromising standards and belief that we must continuously evolve.” All of Live Ultimate’s products are in all glass packaging and have achieved the highest certifications in supplements and skincare.


Serena Williams
The Serena Williams Live Ultimate Run

Wachter credits a close relationship with his uncle, a former fitness teacher, for his early commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle, which led to the future businessman running the New York City Marathon at the age of 14. “My uncle was an active runner and a dedicated mentor,” Wachter explains. “I started running with him when I was about 11, and I have since competed in hundreds of running races and triathlons – including being one of the youngest runners ever to complete the New York City Marathon.”

That early passion for fitness fueled the business owner’s exuberance for excellence in all aspects of his life. After an early career as a practicing attorney, he joined The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and was recognized as being the leading first-year agent of more than 7,500 agents in the United States. His drive and leadership skills led him to open The Wachter Agency, a firm of 10 attorneys that advised clients on the legalities and state-of-the-art strategies for wealth protection and estate planning.

Yet, despite all of his professional successes, Wachter felt that there was an element to his career that was missing. After the longtime South Beach resident attended a weeklong Mastery University seminar in 1996 in Hawaii, led by Anthony Robbins and many other leading experts on peak performance, he was inspired to take his health and nutrition to the next level as well as to launch The Ocean Drive 5k Charity Run, which would later become a Miami Beach staple as it transitioned to The Live Ultimate Run and, later, The Serena Williams Live Ultimate Run – hosted by the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year herself. This past month, they teamed up with NBA legend Ray Allen and the SEED Food and Wine Festival, the largest plant-based festival in the country, for their annual Live Ultimate 5k Charity Run, which raised funds and awareness for hurricane relief efforts.


“I’ve always believed firmly in the philosophy that became the cornerstone of the Live Ultimate brand,” he explains. “And that is, for those who have the privilege of living an ultimate life, there is an obligation to give back to those less fortunate.” As the Ocean Drive Run continued to evolve, the Live Ultimate brand slowly took shape as Wachter refined his own pursuit.

In 2010, after a trip to the mountains of Peru to learn more about maca, camu camu berry and other superfoods, the CEO informed his longtime office manager Rod Esteves that they would take a leap of faith and pursue a business that would improve the quality of life for consumers and feature a philanthropic branch that would meet with his ultimate lifestyle philosophy. Shortly thereafter, the Live Ultimate brand was born – featuring a line of superfood-infused iced tea drinks based on Wachter’s own research and travel.

The beverage line showed initial success, but the entry into the retail market with tight margins and competitive landscape proved to be a barrier for the startup organization, which opted to shift gears and focus on another of their planned verticals: the natural skincare market. Recognizing the gap between natural, safe skincare and the luxury skincare markets, the team partnered with world-class chemists to formulate products based on these superfood actives that would be safe for consumers while being as effective as the most recognizable luxury brands on the market.


Live Ultimate Skincare

“It was really with the skincare line that our eyes were opened to just how unregulated some of these industries are, and how some of the most trusted brands in America are using known carcinogens and endocrine disrupters in their products, simply to achieve a silkier sheen or more lather,” adds Wachter. “We set out to find the most cutting-edge botanical actives that would serve the same purpose, without putting our bodies at risk.” The company launched a line of top-notch skincare products with the help of the #ReadYourLabels grassroots marketing campaign to raise awareness for the toxins in personal care products.

The company believes that their products are more than just skincare and has coined the phrase “the evolution of skin nutrition.” For Wachter, the logic was simple: watching his friends and loved ones eating a healthy diet of natural and organic foods but slathering their bodies in chemicals was simply “doing it wrong.”

As the line gained attention from celebrity fans and luxury consumers, Wachter was busy working on an addition to the brand which, he believed would round out the offering to focus on whole-body wellness, rather than just topical fixes.

“Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and skin problems are often an indicator of lacking nutrition or other health issues. A topical cream that’s safe and fixes the problem is a great thing, but Living Ultimate is about more than just putting a band-aid on a larger problem. We wanted to offer consumers a simple solution to get complete nutrition, despite their hectic work and personal schedules. After years of careful research into formulating a product that would not only be potent but palatable – without any fillers or sweeteners, we just knew The Ultimate Elixir would be the perfect complement to Live Ultimate Whole Skincare line.”


The Ultimate Elixir
The Ultimate Elixir

Wachter shares his secret to healthy aging and achieving your best life possible. He believes “the foundation of peak performance in all aspects of life begins with a healthy, alkalized body.” He has followed this philosophy for over 20 years by consistently starting his mornings with an alkalizing green drink and proudly shares the company’s #NeverMissADay message.

Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult with a busy schedule, long hours away from home and access to controlled food sources, and the temptation to eat out rather than cooking in. For others, access to a range of healthy foods can be cost-prohibitive and even for those in the know, these superfoods provide nutrients that are not found in the mainstream diet.

The USDA Organic Certified Ultimate Elixir offers the promise of a simple solution – a 60-second morning ritual that will offer the body the full spectrum nutrient-dense super fuel it needs to power itself throughout the day, sourced from the highest quality ingredients available. On the wake of the success of The Ultimate Elixir, Live Ultimate has recently launched its latest nutritional masterpiece, Ultimate Shrooms, a blend of the 8 highest quality immune strengthening organic mushroom fruiting bodies for improved health, vitality and longevity.

Ultimate Shrooms
Ultimate Shrooms

The company has created a Live Ultimate Ambassador network of like-minded wellness enthusiasts and invites everyone to join the movement and help share the message of living ultimate. Together they will change the world one person at a time.