The Sea Of Light Opens At The Seaport District

Tonight the Seaport District of NYC is getting a one-of-a-kind, public art installation: Sea of Light. Created by Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs (best known for installations at Burning Man, The Super Bowl, 29 Rooms, etc.), this exhibit will be on display starting at 5:30pm on December 5th and will last through March 2018. 

The installation will “showcase innovative lighting technology that create unique moments with each individual interaction — generating a sense of community this holiday season. Powered by proprietary technology with the spheres ranging up to 9 feet in height, the spheres will be illuminated by warm light that is reactive to sound and movement patterns. The installation will bring the rare experience of public ‘Computational Art’ to the Seaport, adding a dynamic cultural facet and breathing new life into winter at the vibrant downtown neighborhood. The display includes over 150,000 individually programmable LEDs, the largest installation of its kind ever displayed.” 

Check out the map below or find more information here: