Out with Alisa: Inside Lara Trump’s Baby Shower

Trump Baby Shower

Last Saturday was very happy family gathering of Trump family. Eric and Lara Trump’s baby shower was held in honor of their first baby boy. The high-profile shower was held at the Altesi restaurant, where  lunch was served for 60 close friends of Ivana trump, Ivanka trump, Lara Trump and Vanessa trump. The room was decorated shades of baby blue and everybody was celebrating in very festive mood. Eric Trump gave a thoughtful speech thanking Lara’s mother for bringing up a wonderful daughter and wife and shared his excitement of being a dad.

Alisa Roever and Lara Trump

Ivana trump gave beautiful speech about importance of family and family values and how proud she is of her kids. Lara concluded with her own heartwarming speech saying she feels like she is the luckiest girl in the world now that her family will be complete with a first child and she thanked everyone for coming. It brought tears of joy and happiness and was amazing to see the Trump family united together again and the close bond of the family.

The Trump family had three great occasions to celebrate: 1. Lara and Eric Trump’s first baby boy; Ivanka Trump’s new book called Women Who Work; and Ivana’s new book called Raising Trumps. All the guests got the copy of Ivanka’s new book Women Who Work, and she kindly signed the book for everybody. We all had a festive toasts to the three occasions and got our books in our goody bags and all left in a very happy and  inspiring mood convinced that that is just the beginning for Trumps.