A look at ARÔME: A Sipping Spirit of Luxury

Andrew Troyer, founder of ARÔME, was a man on a mission to find the most amazing aged rum when he noticed the lack of great sipping rums at luxury bars. His search led him to an iconic Cuban born and raised “Maestro Ronero” (Rum Master) where he found a reserve of 28 year aged Panamanian rum. Using the maestro’s experience, Andrew Troyer completed what he set out to do and ARÔME 28 was created. Believing the high quality of the rum should match the packaging, Andrew spent years perfecting the bottle design, gift box, and label. “We designed our packaging to compliment the exquisite rum it was designed to hold”, he explains. The end product was something Andrew Troyer felt passionate about and proud to stand behind.

The high quality rum features a high quality bottle and packaging

ARÔME 28 is a 500 bottle collection with the aroma and taste to match its high quality, yet simple bottle. The aroma of the rum is meant to cause cravings and the rum itself provides a smooth, refined taste not found in others such as Scotch and Bourbon. Bahama Bob Leonard, author of Bahama Bob’s Rum Styles and Rum XP, describes the first taste as being “immediately greeted with the flavors of vanilla, oak, tobacco and leather. There is a subtle sweetness in the front of your mouth followed by a long lasting smooth, rich and dry finish.” Andrew Troyer’s vision for this elegant sipping spirit is for it to be enjoyed on evenings at the bar; evenings full of laughter, with fine foods to only enhance the flavor, perhaps paired with someone’s favorite cigar, and never asking for anything else but AROME 28 in their glass. This same vision is one that can be recreated at home or even on a luxurious jet or yacht.

Tasting of ARÔME, a “sipping spirit”

In January 2017 ARÔME Spirits Corp donated one of the first twelve bottles produced and offered a private tasting event at the Naples Winter Wine Festival, raising money for the Children of Collier County. In addition to this, ARÔME participated in Miami’s event for After School All Stars (ASAS) raising money to fund after-school-programs which help children succeed in school and life. It doesn’t stop there, they also donated the first ARÔME Voyageur Case to help raise money for the Florida Children’s Hospital.

ARÔME being auctioned at a charity event

The luxurious rum is exclusively carried in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants throughout the United States. Locations include The Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage in California, The Ritz Carlton Naples Beach Resort, Sea Salt, Ruth’s Chris in Destin, Florida, and more. It can be ordered online through Bountry Hunter Rare Wine & Spirits and Passion Spirits as well as bought in store at Emerald Coast Wines & Spirits, Hamptons Palm Beach, and Jensen’s Finest Foods.