Three Fun Over Function Vehicles

Going from point A to point B doesn’t always have to be a bore, as these four vehicles proof. They definitely take fun over function, but as we all know, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Universal Hovercraft 19XRW Hoverwing
Ever wondered what it feels like to be a flying fish? The 19XRW Hoverwing lets you experience it. This high-performance hovercraft is fitted with wings, taking advantage of the ground effect of the craft and allowing you to fly short distances. The best news is that for this fun you don’t need a pilot license and the Hoverwing is registered as a boat.

Thomas Crown Affair Dune Buggy
Dune Buggy
A lot of sand available where you like to spend your spare time? Then do like Steve McQueen in the original “Thomas Crown Affair” and get a dune buggy! While McQueen’s dune buggy was powered by a Corvair engine, the majority of these cars come as a kit, and are based on a Beetle, retaining its original engine, or feature an upgraded Porsche engine. There are still many manufacturers available, such as the legendary Meyers Manx. When there is little sand available, you might want to opt for the car from the remake of the “Thomas Crown Affair” in which Pierce Brosnan drove around in a Shelby Mustang prepared for off-road. Also not too shabby!

Ziesel Sport
An electric personal off-road vehicle to boldly go were no, or at least few, have gone before, that is the Ziesel Sport. Crafted in Tirol, Austria, these vehicles are fun to drive and hard to stop. A comfortable chair and two joysticks put you in control of a vehicle that needs no roads. In fact, it is far more fun to drive without any, and even snow doesn’t bother it, or you, as it comes with an automatic heating system. The only downside about the Ziesel Sport is that it is highly addictive to drive!